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When Does A Biscuit Barrel Become a Tree Stump?

When  I make a big mistake!!

I purchased two large round gift boxes from Wooja, which I thought would be perfect for the Biscuit Barrel home. However, when I brought them home and put them next to my PukiFees, I realised they were way too small.

I didn't want to waste them, and recalling the in depth tutorial I saw on Once Upon a Doll, I decided to make a tree stump house for my three Real Puki's instead.

I'll just have to keep my eye out for larger round boxes to make the Biscuit Barrel or perhaps make a square Gingerbread House for the PukiFees instead!

Using a Stanley knife, I carefully cut away a portion of the side on each one, so I would have access for installing furniture etc. Then popped the the cut out pieces aside in case I wanted to use them for something later on.

The next step was to stack one on top of the other, to see how they looked in place. Then after I had cut out a couple of arched windows (one on each floor), hubby came up with the wonderful idea of adding a penthouse bedroom using the lids and the left over pieces.

I turned one lid upside down, added the two off cuts, leaving a space for a long window and popped the other lid on top. The upside down lid, looked like a little balcony, so I thought I would incorporate that into the design somehow.


Then I got a little sidetracked and decided to make a round rug for the RP's drawing room on the second floor . . . a very simple rug at that, made from Ultra Suede and bobble braid which I already had on hand.

First I cut out a circle using a bread and butter plate as a template.

Then keeping the rougher side up so it looked more like carpet, I carefully stitched the bobble braid around the outside, using running stitch and thread the same colour so it couldn't be seen.

And voila! There you have it! Simple, and one can vary the size to suit any room, just choose a can, a cup, or anything round to use as a template.

One could also use glue, but I always worry about glue getting brittle over time or staining the Ultra Suede, and besides that, I like sewing better than getting glue stuck all over my fingers. :)


  1. Hello Sandi,
    Great idea! I can't wait to see the project progress. The carpet looks great!
    Big hug,

    1. Thank you Giac. I'm no where near as experienced at making tiny homes as you, and certainly not as talented, but I know I will have fun with it.

  2. Fabulous idea! I'm looking forward to seeing the final results!

    1. Thank you, I hope you enjoy sharing my journey. :)


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