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Buying Doll Clothes

As my readers are already aware, I sew and knit, but this doesn't stop me from buying clothes from other sources. However, I am fussy about what I purchase for my dolls and today I'm going to share exactly what I look for when I do make a purchase.

Top of my list is ~ AESTHETICS: Which is how I initially perceive the overall appearance of a garment's style and it's appeal.

Then ~ SUITABLILITY: I ask myself "Will this be the right garment for my dolls character, the right colour, length etc."

Followed by the fussy part ~ QUALITY, which encompasses:
(A) what type of fabric has been used, is it of good quality or just a cheap remnant
(B) is it sewn neatly with matching thread or does the top stitching stand out where it shouldn't
(C) are the seams finished properly or just fray checked
(D) how is the back closed, with metal press studs, zipper or just with Velcro
(E) if it has a hem, is it neatly hand finished or machine sewn

You may gather from this, I part…

Back On Track

Thank you to all my loyal readers for your encouraging comments, but I am back on track again and thanks to you, a lot sooner than I expected. For sometime now, I have wanted to make something special for a very supportive colleague who owns a Fairyland LittleFee Lishe and knowing her doll's personality, I knew I had just the right fabric for the job. So I delved into the depths of my fabric stash and finally found just the piece I was looking for, then I pulled out one of my basic patterns and began to cut and sew.

Ancelina donned another wig and did a marvellous job of modelling this little Gothic number for me. So as you can see, I managed to follow this all the way through from conception to photo shoot without loosing concentration. (She, rather proudly, pats herself on the back!)

The Curse of Indecision

I am so envious of those who can stay completely focussed on one thing, or repeatedly make/create one item over and over again, but as hard as I try, I never can. I was the same as a child in school. All my reports read ~ "would achieve much better results if she wasn't so easily distracted".

Sometimes, it can really be frustrating to be constantly having new ideas and wanting to do all of them at the same time. Like now, I have a new idea for a dress, another for a knitted top, and I don't know which to begin first. Then of course there are all the UFO's that need to be completed.

Today,  I really feel like a dog chasing it's tail, spinning round and round, yet going absolutely nowhere!

I'm in the mood to write, but know in my heart I should be doing other things. Maybe I am just procrastinating? Oh well, I know I won't get anything done if I sit here at the computer, so it's off to have some lunch now and perhaps I'll be more focussed after…

Telling Secrets

Just an update showing all three dresses, finished and ready for sale. :)

They will come complete with matching necklace ~ $30 plus shipping.

Mickey Mouse Dress

Been a little busy the past few days, not much sewing and knitting going on here and very little dolly time, as we are painting our entertainment room. Firstly, I had to remove all the wall paper, what a job, I am just glad I had a steamer. We also decided to put up some Regency panelling over the brickwork on the back wall, which will make the room more in keeping with the rest of the renovations we have already completed.

However, I did manage to design and complete this little Mickey Mouse dress in LittleFee size. It has a Mickey Mouse belt buckle and I am thinking I may do a matching headband with ears (if I can). I have cut out the pattern pieces in the same fabric for two more, but I will finish one with red trim and the other with yellow.

I also made her necklace and took another blogging buddy's advice to experiment a little with this photo shoot.

I think the shoot turned out well (for me), what do you think?

Me and My Big Mouth

Well I've gone and done it now. I had been reading the "Notice" section on the Soom iMda website and saw that 2.6 Colette was going to be on regular sale in the first half of 2015, so I asked "what month?" No answer came, but to my surprise the blank face showed up the very next day!

So not wanting to miss out, I quickly paid off the remainder owing on my 3.5 Babette with what was left in my PP a/c and put this little girl on layaway using the CC to make the deposit (which I swore I would never do). I have ordered both iMda's with blank faces so I can make sure the two faces are done to look like siblings.
As you already know I am enchanted by "teef", well I'm also smitten with freckles, so along with those features, these two will become my two little red haired girls.
I am quite captivated by the outfit Colette's wearing, it reminds me of a country kitchen and I am thinking a small spin on this look could suit them both. This week I rec…

Looking for 16cm Anthros

I am a self confessed dreamer and I am lucky to have a hubby who, having an interest in science fiction, understands my penchant towards a world of fantasy. This morning over breakfast we were discussing the direction my dolls were heading in and the story that would encompass them all.
They all live in the Elvin Forest; humans, fairies, elves, sprites & sylphs, dragons, unicorns and anthros too. Not necessarily the same part of the forest, because the Elvin Forest is very diverse and has lots of secret nooks and crannies.
It was during this conversation that I thought it would be good for Jax to have two companions with which to share his home . . . perhaps a squirrel and a mouse or fox, not sure yet, but these do have potential. My biggest problem is size . . . I really want them to be 16cm tall, the same size as Jax, and most of what's available is either smaller (12cm) or larger (26cm). I did come across this little pig named Patrick, and he could fit in size wise, althou…

A Step in the Right Direction

Well there are no pictures to share today, however, I did manage to photograph & list some non dolly related items on eBay. More importantly though . . . I actually restrung three of my dolls!

Ebony (IH BID Efreet) and Harmony (IH BID Chloe) both had loose stringing in their body when I first received them, so much so they would almost come apart under the bust line when I picked them up. But, I have always been a little wary of restringing without help from someone more experienced than myself . . . however, I'm proud to say, today I did it all on my own! Mind you there were a few cusses and some extremely contorted facial expressions while trying to put the last S hooks on.

I also re-strung Gina (Luts HD Lolly) which wasn't as difficult as the BID's and finally got rid of those kicky legs that used to drive me insane. I am pleased to report she stands like a trouper now. That also means, one more item that has been on my 'to do' list for quite some time, is …

So Much For Good Intentions

Before I begin my first post for 2015, I would like to welcome the new readers to my blog, and thank those who have loyally read my ramblings over the past year. I hope you will all stick around, for there is much to be written this year and I couldn't think of nicer people to share it with.


Well it seems all my good intentions of curbing my doll purchases, have flown out the window all ready! As you know I ordered Darin on Christmas Day, then the New Year arrived with a further purchase of this dear little girl from Soom!

I am going to blame this purchase on a very keen iMda collector, petitemarine. After all it was she who said: "yes S you should order a babette! she is my favourite, i think you would love her i'm almost tempted to order a second babette for myself!"
So, to quote a conversation that took place in the film ~ The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Evelyn: Nothing here has worked out quite as I expected.
Muriel: Most things don't. But sometimes what…