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Pleasant Sunday Afternoon

Great band, fabulous syncopated jazz music from the 1920's, period venue with fun lighting, people of all ages, from all walks of life, some with their children, some in costume of the time . . . we couldn't think of a more pleasant way to spend an afternoon on a wet Sunday in Melbourne!

Looking forward to the return of Andrew Nolte and his orchestra to the Spotted Mallard. :)


Shoes for iMDA 2.6

I recently ordered a pair of shoes from eBay to try on my iMDA 2.6 as she is in between a Pukifee and Littlefee foot size . . . 3.3mm from back of heel to tip of big toe. The shoes I ordered are for the Seely body Bluette dolls. Unfortunately, I received two left foot shoes instead of a pair, but this was quickly remedied by Judy, the shop owner, who offered to send another pair immediately. Feeling a little awkward about the situation, I offered to order another pair in a larger size for my iMDA 3.0 and said she could include the replacement with them, meaning I would cover the postage. However, Judy admitted it was her mistake and she would have had pay for the replacement's postage anyway, so she's sending both pairs completely free of postage . . . how's that for service??
With socks on, they are perfect! If you're looking for little shoes for your iMDA 2.6, you can find them in all colours HERE.

World Doll Day

I had already organised a meet for this day, completely unaware it was ~
For more information on this special day please click HERE! We are having a Fantasy/Mythological Birthday Party at our usual venue, usual time, so should be a great day. If  you live in Melbourne's south east, and are into BJD's, come join our party, click HERE for details. Photos will be posted after the event.

Absolutely Nothing to do with BJD's

If you've ever wished to travel back in time to the 1920's, or wanted to dance to the sound of a big jazz band, you should have been here on Sunday! Great atmosphere, fabulous music, we had a such a wonderful time, so much so, we're going again this coming Sunday. :)

Need to know more click HERE!

Forest Meeting

My Bubble Mint Jack Centaur arrived yesterday and I am so happy with him. He was to have wings, but the ones I had on hand looked far too big. I am hoping that the new Fairyland RealFee wings might suit him better.

I'm not too sure about the skirt on a boy, but Hera thinks Pegasus is just gorgeous . . . they do make rather a handsome couple though. :)
It wasn't until I began this photo shoot that I realised how loose Hera's stringing had become, so it looks as though there's another thing to add to my "RoundTuit". 

Sewing for iMDA 2.6

Prototype needs refinement, such as matching lace on dress and underskirt, but it will give you an idea of where I'm heading.
Of course no face up or shoes doesn't help much, but we are slowly getting there. 

Sewing for iMDA 3.0

I'm trying to gauge a good length for dresses I am making for iMDA 3.0.

What do you think looks best? The length the dress is now with the bloomers showing, or do you think it should cover the bloomers?

If I leave it with the bloomers showing, do you think they should be white as they are now or pale lemon to match the bodice?

Perhaps I should add a frilly underskirt?

I'm open to suggestions.

P.S. Colette and Hanna have arrived.

Finally Finished

I have just spent several hours writing on my Fantasy blog. The inspiration to write came from my two fairly recent purchases . . . a  Luts Tiny Delf Bubble Mint Centaur (Jack Sculpt White Skin Human with Mint Horse Body) and an Impldoll Baby (Teno Sculpt in Normal Skin).
I really thought it was time to give my little creatures some characteristics of their own and yet I still wanted to be able to tie them in with the other dolls who all live in the Elvin Forest. If you get a few moments to yourself, pop on over here and see if you can imagine what they are all going to look like when they are all completed. You will just need to click on their names at the top of the page.

DIM Youra / Luts KID Hybrid

I have been working on Ondine, my hybrid water sprite and have just received her Safrin 10mm Green Ocean eyes. I really love the colour, however, I am wondering if they maybe a little large. I'm looking for an honest opinion, do you think 8mm would suit her better?

Highs and Lows

I have been on a bit of roller coaster ride this past week. I was expecting deliveries from Supia and Soom, but it's so disappointing when you receive a shipping notice to say a doll is going to be shipped on a specific day and that the tracking number will be forwarded as soon as it has been shipped, only to find it still hasn't been shipped several days later!! At least my Soom delivery is on it's way.
I don't know about anyone else, but I would rather be told in the first instance that delivery times have been extended to however many months, or that they are a certain amount of weeks behind because they have been inundated with unexpected orders, than to be told "stories" only to be horribly disappointed time and time again.
The other thing that annoys the crap out of me, is when Q&A's and emails go unanswered for days on end. I'm sure if they were answered honestly in a timely manner, the companies wouldn't receive so many, therefore sav…

Family Heirloom

This beautiful dresser that my dad made for my mum umpteen years ago, is now mine. It will eventually be passed down to my youngest daughter, along with the Burleigh Ware Blue Willow dinner set that I bought back in 1973.

The dresser was made from a church pew and other reclaimed timbers. All the carving on the door fronts and panels were done by hand . . . my dad  was very clever. He loved working with timber and made several things for our family over the years, I just wish I had taken photos of them all. I think he was at his happiest when he was creating something with his hands.
The rooster pieces you can see on the right, were given to me by hubby . . . he knows I love roosters!