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Happy Days!

I received this beautiful doll yesterday, she was the doll I selected to replace the pre-order doll I cancelled and I am extremely happy with her. She is a 52cm, second edition Jamie, sculpted by Dianna Effner for "Maru and Friends" and the tallest of all my vinyl dolls.

When I opened her box, she was held in place with white satin ribbons and wore a hairnet over her hair. A certificate of authenticity was included, along with the story book about Maru and the friends she makes when she arrives in America.

The clothes she is wearing came with her and are extremely well made, they include underpants, boots, slacks, top and a jacket which is quilted and fully lined, just like a jacket we would wear ourselves.

She is so pretty I am tempted to add another of these dolls . . . but not for a little while yet. :)

It's Been a While

Yes, this blog has certainly been neglected recently. However, as you can see I have been busy with other things. Firstly, I'd like to introduce you to two of my recent arrivals ~ this little gal is another Gotz Happy Kidz by Hildegard Gunzel who's name is Clara. She is from the 2016 release, and she arrived on the 29th March, just three days after Katie. I am so pleased with these dolls, they are so much better IRL than I ever expected of play dolls.

I am particularly proud of this set, the pattern (11 Back to Basics School Set by Jacqueline Gibb) can be found on Ravelry, though I modified the cardigan a little, more by chance than intent. :)

Sorry about the hair across her face in the next photo, I didn't notice it until I cropped it, but I thought it too nice not to post.

Now this doll below is a real disappointment. Her face is very pretty, but when I unboxed her the smell of the vinyl was ***** awful . . . a bit like pungent vinegar, and the smell took ages to dissi…

New Doll, Clothes & Shoes

My Gotz Happy Kidz Katie (2015) arrived 26th March, along with a D'Nenes Bolivian Marieta (Little Liberty) who I have renamed Libby (but more on her later).
As I have been feeling rather less "talkative" than normal I immediately began knitting this four piece outfit for her. It took some time to complete all four pieces, but I was perfectly happy knitting and thoroughly enjoyed the quiet time away from the computer.

I also ordered four pairs of shoes, of which only this pair managed to fit her rather chubby little feet. However, all is not lost, they will fit other dolls I have on hand. :)
Now I am going back to my knitting, as I have another doll (who I will show you down the track) in need of new clothes.