Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Storage Solution

For quite some time now I have been unhappy with my wardrobe and for a couple of different reasons.

The first being the doors; they go right from floor to ceiling, are quite heavy and take up far too much space in my room when I have to open them. I also have a small bedroom chair next to my chest of drawers, and it means having to move it out of the way every time I open the right hand side door.

Secondly, there has been a waste of storage space and it often became untidy with shoes on the floor . . . so without further ado, it was off to IKEA for hubby and I!

My dearest soon got to work, taking off the doors, gutting the inside and cutting the carpet out where the new robe insert was to go.

Then it was assembly time . . . and after lots of screwing, banging and a little cursing, the whole insert was in place.

To be completely honest it took me longer to sort out the clothes, shoes and bags I was going to keep, than it took hubby to assemble the whole wardrobe!

Then it was time to fill it with everything in its place; shoes on the slide out shoe rack, summer clothes on the left, winter on the right, bags on the shelf, my lovely alpaca hat and shawl packed away safely in a sealed Skubb box so the moths don't eat them, my unmentionables in one the drawers, light tops in the other and all my doll boxes (apart from Fairyland's) at the very top of the robe.

I was so pleased with the result, I wondered why we hadn't done this years ago . . . but then I thought, silly me, years ago I hadn't discovered IKEA! Besides, both of us were too busy working full time and probably not so inclined as we are now, to venture into the world of home renovations. :)
Next job was to add curtains to the front, which I have yet to hem (they are only pinned up), but want them to hang for a day or two to make sure I don't have to hem it twice. (I had thought of sliding doors, but I am not overly fond of them.) Once I am happy with the length and drape of the curtains, I will take them back down to hem and whilst they are down, we will repair the frame where the door hinges were and paint it Clotted Cream to match the rest of the architraves and skirting boards that we have replaced around our home.

I think the room looks better already . . . I might even add some pretty pink ribbon to the bottom of the curtain just to finish it off and add a little more feminine charm.


  1. Hooray for handyman husbands! Your new wardrobe space is very organized,feminine and your room looks really pretty! Well done to both of you.

    1. You're right Isabelle, I honestly don't know what I'd do without him. :)

  2. Hello sandy,
    That is a great storage solution. The curtain really works with your room. Tell your dearest he did a great job.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac ... have already passed on your comments to my dearest, thank you!