Friday, July 31, 2015

Has It Really . . .

Been a week since I last posted. I am getting slack! Well it's been kinda full on here with gardening. Our front garden really needed to have some work done on it, There were five lavender bushes and a Mexican orange blossom that needed replacing as well as the borders to do. But with hubby at the helm and me doing the organising (that means telling him where to plant everything) it's now done and dusted!!

Now to the doll arrivals . . . two this week. The first was Impldoll's Gela, which I was bitterly disappointed with. The two pieces of bow wouldn't fit together, so I have to sand it, and one of the horns magnet was inserted on an angle, so the horn just swung around in the breeze, instead of sitting snuggly on his head. Also it said in the website description that random eyes were included, but when I asked where they were, I was told they no longer include eyes unless you get the face-up.

On top of this, the satyr legs are the biggest pain in the butt to change, it looks like I have to try and undo the knot that's inside the body, pull the doll apart then re-string it using the human legs. Anyway after exchanging several emails and sending photos, Impl have agreed to replace the horn and send me eyes, so I guess that's something . . . but this will be my last contact with this company.

The second doll was a breath of fresh air . . . perfect in everyway imaginable . . . THANK YOU FAIRYLAND!
Meet Gaea, my little Mother Nature. Of course she needs dressing and a circlet on her head, but that is underway. I love this little one, she is just how I imagined her to be. :)

RealFee Pano girl in mint resin with default face up. Wig by For My Doll.

P.S. After a lot of cursing and trapped fingers, I managed to get the knot undone in the elastic and have re-strung the Impl Gela with her human legs.

Friday, July 24, 2015

They Are Here!

Yes, my girls have their faces back! I was a little disappointed with the fit of the wig I bought for Daisy and of course her original eyes didn't fit the eye wells as snug as they should have. So rather than wait for a new wig, I took two little snips in the back with my scissors and managed to get it on her fat little scone. Then the temporary replacement eyes, that I thought would be far to aqua, didn't look as bad as I thought they would once they were in, so I  decided to leave them in for now and when the new Safrin Glacier ones arrive, we shall see which actually suit her best.
If you click on the photo and "open link in new tab", you will see the wonderful detail that is in these little faces (including those famous little "teefs") . . . I simply love them to bits!

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Do you ever feel like you are spending half your life waiting? I never used to feel like this before I began collecting BJD's, but it seems it's all I do these days. I wait for dolls, wait for shoes, wait for wigs, wait for eyes, and wait for face ups.

Speaking of face ups, my Daisy and Maisie face ups (above) which were done by "petitemarine", were finished and returned so promptly last Monday morning and I am still waiting impatiently for them to arrive. Can you believe it takes at least four days for Australia Post to ship them from Queensland to Victoria, when I could drive there and back in less time!! That's if they turn up tomorrow.
I am so thrilled with the face ups, they are exactly how I wanted these girls to look. They have similar colouring, being both redheads with blue eyes, they have sweet little freckles on their noses and tiny white "teef". Hopefully tomorrow I can show photos of them completely dressed.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tempting Treats

Although she is far from being complete (no shoes or stockings yet) I thought I'd share a photo of Sibyl in her new dress. I had the fabrics for the dress sitting in my stash for such a long time, just waiting for the right doll to come along and as soon as I saw her, I knew they would be perfect.

Sorry I haven't been online as much lately, but it's been so cold here I have been working on things that I could do in the comfort of my armchair, rather than my studio. Which of course means fiddly things like the finishing detail on the dress above, as well as a few Puki Fee dresses but, more on those later.
The little time I have spent online, has only led me to temptation. I was quite taken with three sculpts from April Story, but I narrowed it down to one. The sculpt is Ishyllia and because she has such a young face, I ordered her with the Junior body, size 'A' bust, flat feet and face up (without the black dots on her mouth). At approximately 54cm, she will make a wonderful sister for my Napi/Voks hybrid.
Now, the price of the doll was extremely acceptable (on sale @40% off) but, I would have been much happier if the rotten AU$ had gained ground. What I've saved in the sale has been expended on exchange rates!! GRRR!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekly Update

Well last week after looking at the miserably wet, freezing cold week that lay ahead, I decided to ship Maisie and Daisy's face plates off to warmer climes to be completed by Mallory (petitemarine on DoA). I just couldn't see the weather improving any time soon and I was becoming impatient to see them finished. The results she achieved with my PF Luna was better than I had imagined and I know she will do a great job with these two as well.

I had also ordered a grey/white wig for my latest arrival, who I have named Sybil von Raven, a carrot one to replace Daisy's brown wig as well as a special wig for one of my RealFees that are due beginning of August. These arrived yesterday and I am so pleased with all of them . . .  thanks to For My Doll!

Had a great time catching up with my friend Diane (you know the one with all the "other types" of dolls) and I think I may have finally swayed her a little our way, as she's now thinking about purchasing a 65 or 70cm Iple House girl.

Have also finished an outfit for Sybil, using a combination of a fine black and lavender grey striped silk and lavender grey crepe. Now all I need for her is shoes, I rather like these HERE but they're a bit pricy, so I may have to keep looking.

Photos coming soon, so till next post, stay happy!

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Mail Delivery!

I was lucky enough to receive two parcels today . . . my Lady Alice and four new backdrops! So I quickly dressed Alice in a random wig and clothes and snapped her saying "Hi!" to her pet crow. :)
The lighting needs adjusting I know, but I really wanted to share her before I took off for the weekend. I'll be back on line Tuesday, hopefully with some better photos.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, July 06, 2015

Daisy and Maisie

My little sisters tried on their new dresses and shoes today then took their "baby" for a little walk in the pram. :)

Face ups still need to be done and I'm still not sure about Daisy's wig (it's a bit too brown). I also think I need low dome eyes for her, as they are leaving a little gap between the eye and the resin.

Cardigans, in the same colour as their shoes are being made for the cooler days.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

What a Slacker!

I have really been off the grid this past week, well at least from here. However, I have been busy elsewhere, re-doing my website and looking for someone special to add to my "family". As luck would have it, I think I have finally found her!

Photo courtesy of Peak's Woods

I have wanted  a Peak's Woods blue/grey Lady Alice FOF V.F. for a long time, but always seemed to just miss out on getting my hot little hands on her. Until now that is. I have at last found one, she will come without wig and clothes, but with everything else (box, cushion, certificate etc.).

I will change her eyes, as I would prefer the ones that were shown in the PW's pics or at the very least I'd like something similar. A new wig will need to be ordered and I will dress her in clothes more appropriate for a Vamp.
With luck, she will arrive next week!