Hatsuko's World

Hi! Let me introduce myself . . . I am a 1:6, 21cm Ruruko doll made by a company in Japan called Petworks (released May/June as CCSgirl 18SS). My grown up wasn't supposed to adopt me, but it was love at first sight for both of us and after a long plane trip, here I am living in Australia.

I was given the name Hatsuko as soon as I arrived, my grown up told me it meant "first born". My immediate thought was "Does that mean I am the first of many?" Now I constantly wonder if I will always be an only child or whether I will have brothers and sisters some time in the future. I guess only time will tell.

My grown up's name is Xanadu, she has adopted lots of others like me, but they are not the same as me. Many of them are twice my size and stand like statues on a shelf, or they are small like me and spend most of their time inside big glass cabinets. It's such a pity they can't come out to play.

I like to have fun with my grownup especially when we explore new places and go sightseeing. I can be a little mischievous, so it can sometimes lead me into trouble, but Xanadu is very forgiving. My favourite seasons are Spring, Summer and Autumn, and there is nothing I like better than playing outdoors in the sunshine.

Xanadu up bought me a cat and a dog so I would always have someone to play with, even when she was busy looking after Mister and taking care of the house. After all someone has to cook and do all the mundane tasks that I am unable to do. Mister is always busy doing things too, like gardening or playing the huge piano. He has very little interest in me or the others like me, apart from providing for us all . . . and he's very good at that.

This will be my first Christmas in my new home and I am looking forward to it immensely. I saw Xanadu with some parcels the other day, I didn't see what was in them, but I am hoping they were for me. I'm pretty nosey and was going to ask, however, it didn't seem to be the polite thing to do.

I wrote my Christmas list the other day, it included a new red dress, some shiny shoes and pretty white socks, then I added a bike and a horse, but I crossed the horse off as we really don't have anywhere that we could possibly keep a horse. Besides I think that would be much to expensive for Xanadu or Mister to pay for.

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