Fashion Dolls

HISTORY: According to Wikipedia, an early form of the fashion dolls were French bisque dolls from the mid-19th century. However, fashion dolls were commonly used throughout the courts of France and Spain as early as the 16th century to show the tactile qualities of fashion which could not be incorporated into the paintings. A letter dated 1515 and sent by Federico Gonzaga on behalf of King Francis I of France to his mother Isabella d'Este asks her to send a fashion doll to the French court so that copies of her style might be made for the women of France.

Fashion dolls today, are primarily designed to be dressed to reflect fashion trends. They are manufactured both as toys for children to play with and as collectibles for adult collectors. The dolls are usually modelled after teen girls or adult women, though children and men also exist.

Costumers and seamstresses use fashion dolls as a canvas for their work. Customisers repaint faces, re-root hair, or do other alterations to the dolls themselves. Many of these works are one-of-a-kind. These artists are usually not connected to the original manufacturers and sell their work to collectors.

Here are few you may recognise ~ Mattel's Barbie (in many different forms), Ever After High and Monster High, Hasbro's Equestria Girls, MGA Entertainment's Moxie, Bratz and Project Mc².

1. "Project Mc² doll by MGA (1st release) ~
McKeyla McAlister ~ Arrived 7th November, 2018

2. "Project Mc² doll by MGA (1st release) ~
Adrienne Attoms ~ Arrived 7th November, 2018

3. "Project Mc² doll by MGA (1st release) ~
Bryden Bandweth ~ Arrived 7th November, 2018

4. "Project Mc² doll by MGA (1st release) ~
Camryn Coyle ~ Arrived 7th November, 2018

5. "Project Mc² doll by MGA (2nd release) ~
McKeyla McAlister ~ Arrived 7th November, 2018

ASIAN: Asian fashion dolls are predominantly made by Asian manufacturers or they are dolls which are primarily targeted to an Asian market. Many of these dolls have received international attention.

Here are some you may already be familiar with ~ Pureneemo by Azone; Blythe, Jenny and Licca-chan by Takara; Momoko and Ruruko by PetWORKs; as well as Pullip, Taeyang and Obitsu.

1. "Blythe" doll by Takara-Tomy ~
Customised by Kate Hardin (AKA Moofers) of Chantilly Lace Customs
AMAYA (Beautiful Night Rain) ~ Arrived 12th August, 2012

2. "Ruruko" CCSgirl 18SS doll by PetWORKs ~
HATSUKO (First Born) ~ Ordered 1st November 2018, Arrived 12th November, 2018

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