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Just When I Thought I Was Safe . . .

Fairyland are releasing two new Real Fees and a Fantasy Art Line. When I first saw this photo on DoA (Coco with FAL body) I thought she looked right up my alley, but on seeing the open eyed version I was a tiny bit disappointed.

But then I saw the Toki version and immediately new he would be coming home. Fortunately hubby liked him too, so it was soon agreed that he would be my Christmas present this year.

No photos have been officially released yet, but I can tell you he's really very cute. If you are on FB you can see preview shots here.

Of course Toki will end up a SHE and a fairy to boot!

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Look who's coming home to me . . . her name is Avery and she is an Asian equestrian from the FAO Schwartz Classic Doll line by Götz. She wears her hair in a bob without a fringe, which is one of the things that really appealed to me (all the Hannah's have long hair), and she comes with two rather splendid outfits: the equestrian attire she is wearing and a cowgirl set, comprising jeans, check shirt and cowgirl boots.

Although this doll is an American repeat of Götz's popular Hannah line, the bob makes her quite unique compared to her Götz twin. When you see them side by side, they are not as alike as one might think being produced from the same sculpt. Not only does the Götz Asian Hannah have longer hair, her face looks like it's painted differently.
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