Sunday, April 21, 2019

Project: Dressing Salon

Thinking pink again! Well let me tell you, it wasn't intentional, I just used the wallpaper as inspiration and it so happened I had just the right pink fabric and Ultrasuede on hand. :)

Still I guess pink is a pretty colour for a girls dressing salon, the place where she can sit quietly and do her make up and dress for success.

I covered the floor with some woolen fabric from my stash, the aubergine rug is Ultrasuede (it makes great rugs, no need to sew to have neat edges, just cut neatly), the skirts on the table and stool are spotted voile. Haven't figured out what to do with the mirror yet and there are lamps to finish.

I am not exactly sure whether this room will remain as it is, I really wanted to fit in a bed as well, to make it a bed room, however, it's not quite large enough. Anyway I shall keep on with the accessories and see what the week ahead has in store.

Hope you are all enjoying your Easter break, and eating lots of chocolate!
Big hugs,

Thursday, April 18, 2019

I've Ordered A Male

I have had my mind set on ordering a male IT doll as the pianist for my Jazz Club diorama and decided to wait for IT's release of the new Homme dolls, before rushing into something I might regret later. However, I was a little disappointed when I saw them, I guess my expectations were different from what the designers had in mind. I'm not a fan of the painted facial hair, nor the flock scalp hair and the price for a doll with a costume which was far too modern for my use, was completely unjustified.

Still, I need a male doll, so I went in search for one that was reasonably nice to look at. One that I could perhaps redress to suit, and one that didn't cost an arm and a leg. The search wasn't an easy one, the secondary market had quite a few male dolls on offer, but way overpriced for what I consider are  pre-loved dolls. I also looked at IT's website, but there was nothing there that grabbed me. I then looked through all the dealers websites and finally found this guy . . .


Doll Tech Specs:
Line: The Model Scene Collection
Head Sculpt: Miles Morgan / Nigel North
Hair Colour: Blond Mix
Skin Tone: FR White
Body Type: FR Homme
Eyelashes: No
Foot Sculpt:
Quick Switch Feature: No
Doll Stand: Yes
Year: 2015
Edition Size: 600
Item Number:
Item Type: Dealers
RRP: US$120

He's on his way to me right now and the best part was he was NRFB, he was also a fraction less than retail price (which is always a nice bonus). He probably won't be here for a little while seeing the postal workers all have Easter holidays, but that will give me time to think about how I will style him.

So what do you think? Do you think he could make a great jazz pianist or not? I'd really love to hear your opinion.

Happy Easter & Big Hugs to all!