A Post for Linda

Linda asked about the size of the bunny and dog that Thea had made me, so as the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words" . . . and a few pictures are even better. :)

This is Fleur, my little French Bulldog. She is thirteen inches tall from the tip of her ears to her toes when she's standing.

This is the little card that came with her.

You can see the difference in their sizes now, Flossy is about 4.5 inches tall.

Their is so much detail in Thea's work, everything is meticulously done. I really wish she was still making and selling her creations, they are so adorable.

Ancelina Experiments

Hello there! My name is Ancelina. I'm a Fairyland LittleFee Bisou BJD in natural resin.

Today I'd like to introduce you to my friend who is a very pink, well dressed bunny.

I call her Flossy and she was made in the Netherlands by Thea, from Milly Me Designs. She usually sits on a softly cushioned oval box, accompanied by a tiny duck and posy of flowers.

But today she was a little sad and needed a cuddle. Mum and I love her dearly.

Flossy likes to watch me as I practice Tai Chi in the purple garden
(it's my favourite place, I love anything purple).

Mum and I experimented with our photography today, do you think we did good?

Now a few words from mum ~
Ancelina is excited by change, adventure and is able to make constructive use of freedom. She tends to be an optimistic, energetic and intelligent person who makes friends easily. At times, despite her innocent look, she may become restless and rebellious.

Violet's New Dress

I made this dress and jumper some time back, actually I made several this style, but they were shorter and looked great on my Gotz dolls. This one always looked too long on them and it sat in my clothing box just waiting for the right doll to come along.
For some unkown reason, I had never thought of trying it on Violet until this morning, she loves it and I think it suits her perfectly. Now she has a change of clothes, she doesn't have to wear her raincoat or trousers anymore.

Violet is my one and only Zwerganese Junior designed by Nicole Marschollek-Menzner, for her 2016 collection and who arrived to me in July 2017. She is known as an Artist Doll, but I have her listed amongst my play dolls . . . I may have to revise that list sometime.

Size 50cm / 19.7 inches.
​Full vinyl doll made of phthalate-free material which is harmless to health.
Five joints for mobility.
Hand-painted face.
Real leather shoes.
High-quality clothing,
Packed in high quality cloth bag.
Made …