Downside of This Week

What a week! First my computer bit the dust after  screen kept shuddering like it was in an earthquake. Then after we purchased a new one, we found we also needed to purchase a new mouse as MS have gone wireless. When I tried to download my photos of my recent arrivals, I found the ports no longer accepted my cable from my camera. So we purchased an adapter, only to find that didn't work either!

Now I face the dilemma of either purchasing a wireless SD card for camera, or buying a new DSLR. I'm not at all a happy little camper today. The I'll need to reshoot the photos.

Needless to say, I'm going to put this all behind me now, and go out to dinner with hubby. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


I was determined 2023 would be a year of change for me and this meant tackling something I had been putting on the back burner for years. I wanted to have one place where all my dolls could be viewed, with a little company history along with photos and information about each doll.

It should be a blog totally devoted to dolls, bears and other toys, no personal additives like dogs, family, outings etc., etc.  Posts would include things such as: Dioramas, Projects, Photoshoots & Stories.

So I pulled out the best of what I had from all my old blogs and began "Studio 1283". I hope you will add it to your reading list, as this will be replacing all my other blogs except this one.

There's still a way to go before ALL my dolls are added, but I've made a good start. Hopefully, it will be a good reference place for other dolly enthusiasts.