New Knitting Pattern

I have finished writing and posting a few free knitting patterns which are listed here. The last pattern being inspired by these 1920's nautical style day dresses.

The collar is separate from the dress, the band is also knitted separately and stitched on.

The dress closes at the back with seven small buttons. I have used this pattern with some personal adjustments for my other three girls and will show photos of them later when I have more time.

For Linda: Here is a Paola Reina Las Amigas in the dress, as you can see you would need to adjust the length of the sleeves, but otherwise the fit looks okay.

All Dressed

I had a visit the other day from Vicky, one of the team from Janette's Doll Studio. She lives nearby and dropped my order off as she was passing by. She also brought an outfit which I wanted to purchase for Eloi. 

As you can see, everything fits my Minouche dolls beautifully.

I also received those long awaited shoes from Russia and paid for them again! 

Now my RRFF girls can model their completed outfit No.1 ... Sara has had a hat change and Maya a different wig.




I'm still working on outfit No.2, most is done but I had to wait until I could find some white 4ply wool locally, which I did yesterday. So after I've checked your latest posts, it's back to the knitting needles for me.

Hope you are all well and enjoying some dolly time of your own!