Sew What?

I love the cloche hats I ordered from Janette, they are just gorgeous and so well made! However, when I put them on my girls I felt the outfits they were currently wearing didn't quite do the hats justice.

These dresses, which featured in a 1920's Perry, Dame & Co. catalogue, are probably more in keeping with the the style of the hat. Could they be the answer to my dilemma?

Maybe they are more suitable for girls slightly older than that of the Fashion Friends. Perhaps I should look at the younger children's styles for inspiration?

Actually seeing them now, both on the same "page", there's not really a lot of difference between the younger and older girls styles.

These samples from The Delineator October 1922, could just be the shot too! I love the coat on the top right.

So what do you think, should I give it a go and try to make something similar for my girls? Which one would you choose if you had to make one your own doll?

Maybe I'll just knit something instead. Until next time, keep on dolling!


Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

It's been very quiet around here for such a long time, so many of the regular bloggers have ceased to post ~ haven't heard a word from Sharon, Rachael, Alejandra, Alasse or Phillis for months now. Even Niina and Lily have been quiet for a few weeks. I do hope everyone is okay and that they haven't given up blogging altogether.

I know Alasse has been busy with other things as I have had an email from her, and I'm sure she will share her news in time.

Most of my time has been spent listing dolls and other dolly related stuff on eBay, but as soon as I sell a few things, I replace them with new purchases, like these gorgeous Easter Bonnets for my Ruby Red girls.

PHOTOS: Courtesy of Janette (I cropped them)

I had these made by Janette, a local girl who sells on Etsy . . . you can see her store here. I initially purchased the hat below (which was in stock) for another doll, but I loved the style so much I was inspired to make my girls new dresses to match the hat's I commissioned (which I will show later as they are not completed yet).

I sew and knit quite competently, but when it comes to crochet I am not so hot. I have always loved all types of millinery myself, so I guess it's only natural I should want my dolls to wear them too. Do you like hats on dolls? If you do, I can assure you Janette has various styles to suit most dolls, her prices are reasonable and she will ship overseas. She is also great to work with if you want something special. Pop on over when you get a chance.