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Why Do I Do It?

Time and time again, I jump in without thinking and that's exactly what I did when I saw the Beacon Hill house. I never seem to learn and you'd think at my age I would certainly know better! Well I downloaded the schematics for the house . . . low and behold this gal was in shock!! There are literally hundreds of pieces that need to be put together, it will take hubby and I years to finish it . . . so don't hold your breath on getting updates on this house any day soon.

Anyway, this was not going to stop me from having a 1:12 scale dollhouse that I could almost immediately decorate, and without the tedious job of becoming a construction worker. So I bought this one, which measures 75cm (29.5") high x 71cm (28") wide x 46cm (18") deep.

Yes, it's a kiddies dollhouse, but it's not going to stay looking like this. I have decided that I'd like to paint the outside (colours yet to be decided) and maybe do something different with the roof, maybe with corrugated metal or terracotta tiles like they do in Australia.

I found this dollhouse picture on the internet and it will serve as my inspiration, I think it's gorgeous, though I won't be using these colours. Of course it would be nice to add a porch of some sort . . . however, that will depend on space and hubby of course. 

The interior decoration that comes with the kit is more suited for a child, so I certainly shan't be using that either. I plan on doing an elegant black and white interior, with just a hint of coloured accents, much like you can see here in this updated Australian Federation house.

So there you have it my lovelies, until next time, be kind to yourselves. 😘

My Beacon Hill Doll House

After many, many years of hinting, my hubby has bought me a dollhouse which should arrive just in time for Christmas. It's a kit, so he will be helping me with the build, however, the painting & decorating will be entirely up to me.

The Beacon Hill, with it's beautiful mansard roof,  measures 40" (101.5cm) tall x 32" (81cm) wide x 17" (43cm) deep once built. There are nine rooms and it comes complete with a winding staircase.

This house kit has been around for quite some time and is classified as Victorian style, however I will not be decorating the inside in that period. I believe the outward appearance of a house may basically remain the same, but the inside evolves over time, just as interior decorating ideas do.

I've always imagined decorating the inside in a semi shabby chic style. I say semi because I'm not sure I will be aging the furniture, but I will be sticking to light, muted colours and pastel tones. Often white is used as a classic shabby chic design choice, however, as I prefer more colour I will use what I call "ice colours" . . . colours so soft they are almost white.

Fabrics will be soft, muted florals with pretty ribbons, lace and ruffles. There may even be a few vintage touches, such as gilded vintage mirrors and chandeliers to add some elegance and charm.

I would also like to incorporate either fabric or wallpaper into panels on furniture like wardrobe doors and draw fronts to add extra interest.

So would you like me to share photos as this project progresses? Or is it not amongst your interests?