The Settee

I began tackling the settee just after I finished breakfast on Tuesday. Pulling it apart was hard on my hands and more difficult than the chair, it was glued so tightly together. 

However, after prying and tugging for about an hour it finally began to come apart, but the residue left by the hard glue still had to be removed.

It became really messy when the remaining velvet had to be dealt with. The scraping began on the back, first one way, then the other until it was all gone. I continued scraping the seat and then the sides until I had a large pile of pink fluff sitting on my table! 

It was lunchtime before I reached this stage and I was glad to take a break.

After lunch I began re-upholstering each piece, but I only got this far before it was time to begin thinking about cooking dinner.

Didn't achieve much on Wednesday or Thursday as I had some personal things to attend to. However, I did begin upholstering the settee.

I finally completed the upholstering and assembled the settee this morning.

The photos are not the best, as I quickly took them with my phone, but I'm afraid they will have to do for now.

That's all for today my lovelies.


Furniture Makeover

Firstly thank you to those who commented on my previous post, I've been so busy enjoying myself lately, it's been difficult to find the time to answer everyone.

When I placed my last order from Fairy Meadow Miniatures, I also bought a pre-loved, slightly dishevelled pink velvet settee, chair and footstool which was close to, but not quite, 1:6 scale.

I took this photo of my two little hybrid Monst dolls, to give you an idea of the size.

BTW they finally have clothes to wear and have had their hair re-styled slightly, at least it looks tidy now.

I wanted to cover the set in the green Mid Century fabric I purchased from Spoonflower, but unfortunately the print was too large. I tackled the chair first and used fabric and trimmings from my stash. Next I added some painted beads to make new feet, which provided additional height. Then to give it a little more "personality" I made some cushions and knitted a throw with tassels.

It wasn't the easiest makeover I have done, pulling the chair apart was a challenging to say the least, but aside from the feet looking a bit chunky on the footstool, I'm reasonably happy with the new look. 

What do you think? Does it look okay to you?

Now to deal with the settee, wish me luck. :)