Project: Knitting Continued

After checking the pattern I wrote and posted a few days ago, and prior to my computer chucking the claw in, I realised had made a mistake when typing it ~ where it read Row 14-28, it should read Row 17-28, so you can either change your copy or download the new one which I have edited.

Thankfully, I noticed it when I began knitting it again, this time as a jumper (sweater) which buttons at the back. If you would like to do this, make additional button holes at the end of R15, 27 and 39.

We also have new models to show how they fit my  Corolle Les Cheries and Wellie Wishers dolls.

I'm sorry about the quality of the photos, but my photo editing program went west along with a few other bits and pieces which I had forgotten to save to my hard drive. Unfortunately neither I, nor my tech guys were able to retrieve them.

Willa is wearing the second pink cardi where I added the three extra button holes so she could wear it as a jumper (sweater). As you can see, I also made her a matching …

Project: Doll Knitting

After receiving my recent play doll (Paola Reina Las Amigas Nora) who I have renamed Naomi, I set about removing the Velcro closure (my pet hate) on her dress and replacing it with press studs (snaps), then changing the over-sized yellow rose at the front to a more petite cream rose.

Next on my agenda was to make her a cardigan to wear for the cooler autumn days. I knitted Naomi's in a 4 ply synthetic yarn (a remnant, which I cannot remember the name of), but the other two were knitted in Naturally Loyal Baby Prints which gives a lovely fairisle look to the cardigan, without the complication of working with several yarns at the same time.

I really enjoyed making these garments and recorded exactly what I was doing as I progressed, so I could share the pattern with the knitters among you. If you click on the pattern below and open the link in a new window, you should be able to save it to your own computer, then print out later on an A4 page.

If there's anything you don't u…

It's Not Easy Being Green!

No dolly news to share with you today, but I think we could all do with something to make us smile in our lives right now, so I am sharing a conversation which took place with an elderly friend of mine some time ago.

While staying with this friend, we spent some time sitting on her verandah admiring her pretty garden and chatting about how things are different in the country compared with the city. We also talked about the animals on her farm and how loudly the frogs in her dam croaked at night, when she asked me,

"Have you noticed how they quieten down after you go to bed and turn out the light?"

I looked at her rather strangely and replied,

"I think you must drop off to sleep very quickly,
because I could still hear them croaking long after we had gone to bed."

No more was said about the frogs and we went inside to make ourselves a cuppa.

It wasn't until a couple of days later, and quite out of the blue, she said to me,

"I just realised why those frogs don…