Thank You

In response to your kind messages, I thought it was time to bring you all up to date with what's been happening around here.

Firstly some good news ~ Thomas is coming along really well and has been simply the best addition to our family, and just like a baby, he takes up so much of my time.

17th April

Not long after his first grooming session, looking like a real poodle. Of course he doesn't stay like that for long, his fur grows so fast.

On 8th June he finally found he had a voice. If you turn up your volume, you'll hear him practicing his bark.

30th July

He is the first dog we have had who actually adores wearing clothes. He had been groomed recently and had just had a bath, so he's wearing his favourite sweater to keep him warm.

As you are probably already aware, no doggy wardrobe would be complete without PJ's, and he has three sets ~ this orange milk and cookie set, his green sleepy cuddly koalas and blue night time bumble bees. Around seven 'clock he's asking for his PJ's, then it's up on the sofa for a cuddle and snooze until our own bedtime.

His favourite toys are his glow ball and his squeaky panda and squeaky hedgehog which he plays with all day long. All of which are quite manky now, both the panda and hedgehog have had their heads chewed off and the ball has to be washed often as it gets covered in dog slime. I cannot do anything without a little nose poking me on the leg to say "play with me mum", but I wouldn't change a thing.

The studio is finally finished, though there is heaps of stuff lying around which I am listing on eBay (it's very time consuming), so when it's all gone, the studio will be ready for viewing and I will post pictures.

On the downside ~ I'm still not ready to come back to regular posting, but I promise, I will try to catch up on your posts soon.

Love to all my readers, hope you are all well and happy, until next time.

P.S. I'm sorry, even though I can read posts blogger is stuffing me about when I try to comment, so you may not see my usual sig.


Time Out

I have been trying to clean out my studio, but things are moving much slower than I'd like. Having a six month old puppy underfoot and renovations has left me feeling like blogging is too much to handle, so for my own well being I'm going take some time out.

Although I shan't be commenting on your blogs or writing on mine, you will always remain in my thoughts.