I was determined 2023 would be a year of change for me and this meant tackling something I had been putting on the back burner for years. I wanted to have one place where all my dolls could be viewed, with a little company history along with photos and information about each doll.

It should be a blog totally devoted to dolls, bears and other toys, no personal additives like dogs, family, outings etc., etc.  Posts would include things such as: Dioramas, Projects, Photoshoots & Stories.

So I pulled out the best of what I had from all my old blogs and began "Studio 1283". I hope you will add it to your reading list, as this will be replacing all my other blogs except this one.

There's still a way to go before ALL my dolls are added, but I've made a good start. Hopefully, it will be a good reference place for other dolly enthusiasts.


Year of the Rabbit

Seems everywhere I look, I'm seeing "Year of the Rabbit" . . . so as the old saying goes: "If you can't beat them, join them" . . . so I am!