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Choosing Hair

My long awaited MiniFee Celine arrived today at lunchtime and I have been trying different wigs on her to see what suits her best.

I settled on the one below for the time being, but I am still unsure if it will stay or go. I have enough trouble deciding my own hairstyle, so this is no easy task for me!

 I guess she will tell me in her own good time, the dolls usually do. In the meantime, I'd certainly be interested in hearing your opinions on which one you think suits her best.


  1. Hi Sandi!
    Wow, you have quite wigs to chose from xD I like your girl with the 4th one ^^
    Hugs, Lily

    1. HI Lily,
      Yes, I'm almost as bad at collecting wigs as I am about their shoes. :)

  2. Hello Sandi,
    I love the hair you chose and I also think the long blond hair in the bottom left pictures looks great on her. that being said, the top left picture has a Greek goddess look about it.
    Big hug,

    1. Ha ha ha! Giac you sound like you have almost the same problem I had in choosing one. I guess it will depend on how her personality develops as to which we will choose in the end.
      Big hug to you too!


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