Doll Meet Photos

We had a fun meet yesterday at the Country Club, with around twelve attending and over fifty dolls on display. I spent most of the day chatting, but did manage to take a few photos too.

The Early Birds

Cadbury and the Ladybird

Little Posers

Having a Cuddle

Rot: "What's so funny?"

Such a Cutie

Lookin' Shy

Pretty in Pink

"You're Mine!"

"Wanna Dance?"

"Twasn't  us, we didn't do it.""

Chubby Chops Hershey Lost an Eyelash

Too Much Hair

Just Lounging Around

Now I finally think I may have the courage to attempt a re-string on my own, thanks to being able to watch Simmo and Shelbelly help Willoughby re-string her tiny Luts Centaur/Unicorn..


  1. Hello Sandy,
    That must have been such a great time. The dolls are all just beautiful.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac!
      Yes, meets are always fun and you get to see so many different dolls and the chatter between collectors seems to be non stop. :)

  2. Oh I LuV LuV LuV DollMeet Photos - and your Crew got Splendid shots of themselves with all sorts of Wonderful Dollies - Love those custom mods on the Cheshire kitties, and LOL I think there is No Such TinG as Too Much Hairses! ~ LuV, TiGGy

    1. Me too! Yes my crew always seem to hog the limelight somewhat and those Cheshire Kitties face-ups were absolutely gorgeous IRL.


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