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Floating Head ~ The Beginning of Seraphine

At 4.30 a.m. today, I bought my first floating head from Alison, over at BJD's For Beginners.

She is a Human Flowne from Doll In Mind and has a face-up by Alexandra Somma of 16-Bit Faceups, complete with gorgeous freckles and unusual eyes. The original face-up from DIM didn't do a thing for me and I would never have purchased it, but there was just something about this particular head that really appealed to me.

This Happy size head is approximately 18.3cm so it appears I will be looking for a body around the MiniFee size to do her justice, which means the three girls that I planned to have in this size has just increased to five!!


  1. Hi Sandi!
    Wow, new girl! Her face is adorable. Hope you can get a body for her soon ;)
    Hugs, Lily

    1. Thanks Lily. :) I know I am hopeless when it comes to a cute face, but I'm going to wait until she arrives before choosing a body. I believe the resin has a slight pink hue, so I want to see it IRL.

    2. Hey Lily, I'm having trouble posting on your blog again, wanted you to know I love the latest photos.


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