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Change of Season

It's times like now, when I look out my window and see it's all grey, wet and miserable, that I get really fed up, depressed and just want to hibernate.
I guess the only thing I really like about winter, is having green grass and flowers in my garden that aren't gasping for water!

I'm not a winter person at all, I love the sunny autumn and spring days and feel at my peak when I see the summer sunshine! People have often asked me "how do you cope with the heat", but it's never really been a huge problem, after all, we do have ceiling fans and air conditioning. 

 Although, winter does have a small upside, it allow me more opportunity to contemplate which direction my BJD's are taking me. For example, do I want to write more photo stories, buy more dolls, change my blog?  After pondering those questions for some time, I came up with a simple answer, YES!

I'm seriously thinking of breaking my blog into sections, which will suit my dolls and the stories associated with them. I'm not exactly sure how to do this, whether to do pages or separate blogs and link to them like Heather did with the Adventurer's Club. But these are the sections I'd like:
FANTASY: Mythical creatures, like Dragons, Mermaids, Centaurs and Unicorns.
MAGICAL: Humans with special powers, such as Fairies, Elves, Sprites, Nymphs and Pixies.
HUMAN: Children and adults.
ANIME/MANGA: Boys or girls that fit that Japanese drawing style.
ANTHRO (anthropomorphic): Non-human beings, primarily animals with human characteristics.

I'd be most interested in hearing what my readers think of this idea, so please feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment.


  1. I have to admit, around here, I am thrilled to see the rain... since it beats being buried in snow. XD For the first time in what seems like an eternity, I didn't have to wear my winter coat to work!

    On the topic of blog organization... here's my view on it:

    If breaking the blog down by those categories makes more sense in terms of how your dolls interact then I say go for it!

    I'm really enjoying the Adventurer's Club having its own blog... as you know, I had tried the "tab" option first, just making the club a different page on my blog... but for me, that got bogged down really fast... and as a reader, I don't want to have to scroll through what is essentially one long post... so I thought the separate blog option would work a lot better, organizationally (because then the blog could have it's own pages that explaned different things, instead of just one page with loooooong blocks of text).

    That being said, you could also break your stories down to specific days, Thursday = Fantasy, Monday = Magical, and so on, and give them the title "Magical" so when people go looking for them in the drop down blog archive they can find them really quickly XD

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Heather, I appreciate you taking the time. I have finally settled on doing what you did and opted for the separate blog links. I think for it works well for what I eventually have in mind. I never did like having to scroll through the long page and now if people want to comment on a particular post they can.

  2. Hi Xanadu, I like your new blog links, it's clear and "tidy" (if that is the right word :-)) to read. Pages are so unpractical to update, they get longer and longer without options to divide them. I made a second blog too because of that reason. I think you chose the best option for your purposes. Hope the winter blues are over soon, winter is my least favourite season too, I'm so glad Spring has arrived here :-)!

    1. Thanks Nymphaea. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks now and it certainly helps me with the planning my doll families too. I don't know why blogger couldn't have set the pages out so you could do individual posts in the first place . . . but it's probably male logic! LOL!

      Oh the weather is awful, it hasn't stopped raining all day. It's not cold inside, but when I look out the window it makes me feel cold and we are just moving into Winter. UGH! I will be so glad to see Spring here again, but I really don't want to wish life to pass so quickly. :)

  3. I see I'm the only one who loves Winter? XD Spring and Summer are my least favourite seasons (allergies, I don't tolerate heat well and I feel tired).

    Your blog looks really nice with the new pages but I have something to say. Why to make six new blogs when you can have all those entries in the current one? I tell you my point of view.

    If you use labels, you could have done all those categories in pages without the need of creating as many blogs that you have to update now and that means a lot of extra work. You could have done it this way:

    - First to add those labels on the entries they need it. It can be done easily: link

    - Done that, you only have to link labels in pages: read "Create a page linking to an external site".
    If you don't know how to find the link of the labels, go to any of your entries, search the label, click on it and you'll see all the entries which have that label. Just copy that link.

    And you're done. I'm sorry if it's not clear, English isn't my mother language >.<


    1. I guess you are not looking forward to your next season at all then. The allergies are pretty easy to manage, I have them too and just take antihistamines during the spring.

      Thanks for all that info Lily, but it's all done now and I rather like it the way it is, for now at least. Before, when I did just have pages, it drove me crazy, I find this way is so much simpler for me to do what I want to do. However, who knows what the future holds . . . knowing me I will probably change it again. :)

    2. Already I'm wishing for Summer to end, lol. Allergies are complicated to manage, I used to take pills and vaccines for them but nothing worked and I don't take any. If allergy is very strong, I take cold medicine because it is what works best for me, lol. I have allergy all the year, but in Spring is worse. Anyway I'm already used to it XD

      No problem about the info ^^ If you ever need it, you already know how to do it ;)

    3. Hey perhaps we should just change places for 6 months of the year! That would surely fix the problem for both of us. LOL!


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