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Slap My Wrist!

I've gone and done it again! Unfortunately for my bank balance, the dolls got the better of me last night when these two sweeties begged me to bring them home. But, I am so happy they did. :)

Both are BIDs from IpleHouse, Anne (above) and Bonnie (below) are new face-ups on existing sculpts. I find there's something quite alluring about IpleHouse face-ups, they almost make one feel they are photos of real children.

I didn't order wigs or clothes for them this time, as selecting wigs, making clothes and choosing shoes, will  keep my mind occupied during the long waiting period while they are being made . . . I doubt if I will receive these till the end of September.


  1. They each have such a sweet face - I can't wait to see them!

    Which colours did you order them in?

    1. Thanks, but it'll be a long wait. (That's the only thing I hate about this hobby.)

      I ordered them in normal skin as the peach gold & special real skin resins have been changed.

  2. Hi Sandi!
    Both are very cute. This hobby always makes us wait for a long time, you know. But remember that when you'll get your new girls at home, you'll forget that ;)

    By the way, how many dolls do you have now? I'm afraid that I have lost count, lol.
    Greetings ^^

    1. Hi Lily!
      Yes I know, but I am soooo impatient, once I have ordered I want them NOW!

      27 BJD's at home. 2 more shipped & should be here Monday, 2 & 1 head due mid July plus the 2 just ordered. And I still have some on my wishlist. But in saying that, my Blythes have gone from 27 to 13 to help fund them!!

      Lily I did warn you, I am hopelessly in love when it comes to BJD's and I doubt if it will end anytime soon. :)


  3. Hello Sandi,
    I think they are the most beautiful d0oolls I have seen. They have such a realistic quality to them...the eyes are remarkable!
    Big hug,

    1. Thank you Giac, they really are quite beautiful and such an overwhelming temptation. :)


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