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2nd August Doll Meet Photos

Well my Puki Fees flight SQ609 touched down at  5.05 pm on Thursday 31st July, arrived at Melbourne Facility at 9.33am Friday 1st August, but to my disgust, they are still residing at the Australian Post Facility. So it was off to the meet yesterday without them!

We know we are one eyed about things ... but Oni this is taking it too far!
Hey monster, monster, take me for a ride, pretty please!
What a bunch of tiny posers. :)
Wren practicing his karate chop.
Tsukito standing tall.
Perfectly poised.
Delicious Lishe.
Attitude at it's best.
Pretty in pink.
Group shot - thirty four in all.
It's always lovely to meet other doll collectors and see what a wide range of dolls we all accumulate, from all the cute tinies to the very tall and handsome.


  1. Great Doll Meet Pics - Your Pukifees are gonna probably demand another dolly meet sooN! :)

    1. Thanks Tiggy. Yes, those little tykes can be very demanding at times. Thank heavens I'm taller and can use the pecking order to keep them in place. :)

  2. Oh no! Your new dolls are almost home. Hang in there. Waiting is such a pain! Looks like you were still able to have a fun day meeting other dolls though.
    Have fun this week meeting new family members!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Isabelle. Have been checking hourly, but it seems they are coming the long way,home (via Sunshine West, then Clayton South) at least they are gradually getting closer.

      The meet was fun, and it did take my mind off things for a little while. Meets are always fun when you're sharing dolly talk. :)

  3. Hello Sandy,
    It amazes me the detail and realism some artist can achieve in the art of doll making. just beautiful.
    Big hug,


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