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A Little Boy at Last

Well by now most of you have probably heard that IpleHouse are discontinuing a number of their sculpts. Amongst them is BID Peekaboo, a little cutie with a slightly grumpy look about him. As I haven't been happy having Naias as a boy (mainly because he looks quite feminine), I decided to bring Peekaboo home with this face up and in light brown skin.

So this little one will replace Wren and join Finch and Raven in the Thunderbird Gang. (I guess this is what most people refer to re-shelling?) Not sure what wig I will be putting on him yet, but I'll have a couple of months while I'm waiting to decide that.
The former Wren (Naias) will become Eve, one of my Tom Boys, but will need a little sanding down below and something decent to wear.
Speaking of things to wear . . . I have just finished a couple of new outfits which I have posted on Polkadots & Rainbows.

More Progress

Well my crochet throw rug is finally finished, so that's one more thing I can cross off my to do list. It's taking a while to whittle this list down, but at least it's on the move at long last. I'm feeling quite relieved.

Tian Sparkleheart (Luts Tiny Delf Lavender) was ordered on Monday, but probably won't be arriving until June or July. I ordered everything but the costume, which is cute, but I want to dress her myself.

 The wings aren't as delicate as the BambiCroni wings, but they are still pretty once they have been blushed.

Just in case you haven't ventured over to my other blogs, I have added some new YOSD outfits to Polkadots & Rainbows which you may like to see. I have also purchased some more fabrics.
Been working on a few other things, but I will tell you about them later. However, I shall be a little slower at posting over the next few weeks as I really want to finish off a whole pile of UFO's . . . and there are a heap of them, believe m…

Good Things

Sometime ago, this little fellow was released by Doll Chateau as an event doll, which I missed completely. Then early last year, they released him for sale on his own, but by the time I found him, he was completely sold out.

I'd almost given up hope of ever getting a Larry of my own, when during a chance conversation with a lass a several months ago, she mentioned she had a Larry snail from the first release, but still hadn't painted him. As she was in Oz, I made a point of mentioning that if she ever wanted to sell him, to please let me know. For a long time afterwards I never really thought about Larry.
I'm sure you all know what it's like, other dolls arrive and grab your attention. Then between family commitments and life generally, the doll you desired so strongly, fades into the crevices of the mind.
Then earlier this year, I found him again on MOC, but their shipping is astronomical to Australia and I just couldn't justify the postage costs (almost as much …

More Progress

Not quite the 432 squares I had planned to do. To be honest, I think I may have completely miscalculated in the first instance. It would have broken my arms trying to lift it, had I had crocheted that many. The weight of all this wool is really heavy!
We have here 108 squares, made into 12 blocks of nine squares, then crochet joined into three strips of four blocks and finally all joined together, and featuring one row of burgundy DC around the whole lot.

Still have to sew in loose ends and complete the outside border, but I can tell you it's as warm as toast. I had the rug sitting on my legs last night while I did the outside row and I was literally perspiring by the time I finished.
I have managed to use up all the odd balls of greens, burgundy, plum, rust, beige, grey, black and cream. I did buy some more cream to do the final edge, but it didn't cost me much as I had recently received a $10 voucher from Spotlight.
Do you have something you're working on aside from dol…

Warming Up

I'm not speaking of the weather here . . . it's just about me finally warming up to doing a face-up on my Legolas (Doll Family-A Julian). To really get me in the mood I took a few photos of him today with Theron.

They are my only male dolls, apart from the three Thunderbird boys.

Legolas is my Chief Guardian of the Elvin Forest. I left his wig this length because I want to plait (braid) and style it properly.

Eventually I intend to make him suitable Elvin costumes to wear. One formal outfit in white brocade and the other a more rustic outfit, which will be suitable for hunting. However, these clothes will have to do in the interim.

Look Who Flew In

Well you all know how I feel about fairies and other magical creatures, and this little one from Luts has stolen my heart completely. She's not for sale yet and I'm not sure when she will be released, but she's definitely on my wish list.

Her sculpt is called Pino and she's a Tiny Delf Fairy of Flower Lavender Version. Luts have said she's limited, but I am unsure if it's only the full set that's limited. Personally I can do without the costume, but that face is so realistic and unlike any that Luts has done before in this size.
Although she will be a similar size to my PukiFee fairies (Pi, Wi and Li), she has a different personality and style . . . where they are impish and mischievous, she appears to me as more caring and sympathetic. She is human in appearance, without elf ears and has less delicate wings, she is also gifted with magical powers, so perhaps she will become an enchantress of sorts. Yes, that's it! Pino will become my very special roma…