Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Discovery

Little did I realise that Fairyland made an Ante in two different sizes until I went browsing today looking for a curly wig for my little Puki Fee Ante. I was overjoyed to find she also comes in a Little Fee size too!

Pink Sylph

Petite Ange
Both Pink Sylph and Petite Ange are Elf and come with the little pointy ears, but Pink Macron below does not, however, all of them have that same innocence about them that my Puki Fee Ante has.

Pink Macron
 I have no idea where they get their names from, but PM looks more like Madam Pompadour to me.

Now comes the hard part . . . which one do I order? It will definitely have to be ONLY ONE as these tiny tots don't come cheap. Non of them are available complete, so I will have to decide on whether I want the elf ears or not, then choose a wig and clothing to suit the face-up selected.

EDIT: She's on order, without the elf ears!


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    1. Well it looks like I will have to keep saving my pennies so I can have her in all three sizes, I just love this sculpt!