Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Tidy Find

I was sorting out a few things the other day, when I came across this huge ball of Moda Vera knitting yarn, it no longer had a label on it so had no idea of the composition of it. As it is a little hairy, I'm thinking it may be an acrylic/mohair blend, but whatever it is, I thought it was pretty and it inspired me to knit something for a change.

The colour of the yarn blends from one to another throughout the ball, creating individual sets. I didn't have a pattern and wasn't sure of the size needles to use, so it was really hit and miss, but it knits up quite well.

I am happy with the results and have already put the first hat & scarf set I knitted on Etsy for just AU$12 the set plus postage. The one above I will list if the first one creates interest.

I might try making up a different style hat next time, but I shall write this pattern down before I forget what I did. I think it really suits my Angelique, and will fit LittleFees, IH BID's, Luts Honey Delfs and probably other 6 to 7 inch heads.


  1. Hi Xanadu, Sam here.
    When I saw the ball of wool, I said "no way" out loud. You knit as well as sew! How talented you are!! (I want to learn how to knit one day. Maybe when my kids are all grown up).
    I love seeing all of your creations!

    1. Hi Sam!'
      Thank you, my background in textiles and having spent many years (decades in fact) with a needle in my hand helps. Now if you came back to live in Oz, I could teach you to make your own creations. :)

    2. Oh my, that is rather tempting! I know that it is a lot warmer right now in Australia than it is here! (It is only the beginning of winter and I am already tired of shoveling snow!)
      Maybe one day......

  2. Beautiful! I've just started knitting... so I'm in awe!!!

    1. Thanks Heather and congratulations on taking the plunge. Are you knitting for yourself or for your dolls & teddies?