Thursday, January 02, 2014

I'm a Hopeless Case

Here it is just a few hours into the new year and I have already added two more sweeties to my "Wish List", I just can't help myself . . . thank heavens my Blythe dolls are selling!!

I have been wanting a boy for some time and it seems Choco is it. I just couldn't pass up this face, he has such a gorgeous pout I just wanna kiss him.

Then I saw Rose and it was love at first sight! I am hoping that Fairyland bring her out as a basic, because as much as I love the Steampunk look they have given her, I would rather tackle a Steampunk design of my own.

3rd Jan P.S. I have just ordered Choco from DD...YAY!! Now the 12 week wait begins. :)


  1. Two cuties, though! I wish you the best in the new year!!!! (and best of luck bringing these cuties home!)

    1. Thanks Heather ... sold another Blythe so just ordered Choco. The waiting is gonna kill me!!