Monday, February 03, 2014

My Obsession Minus Two

Fairyland, Iplehouse and Luts, all make exceptionally gorgeous dolls and in a wide variety of sizes. I have more of their dolls than any of the others and it appears that I am tending to lean towards the tiny end rather than the SD end when it comes to size.

I'm still learning about the terms used to describe the different sizes, but it's my understanding (and please correct me if I'm wrong)  that most people align the sizes to the Volks range.

SSD's (EID) are about 27.5" (70cm) tall
SD's (Delf & YID) range from 22.5” (57cm) to 24” (60cm) in height
MSD's (Kid Delf, MNF & JID) are approximately 16.75” (42.5cm)
KID's are approximately 13.7" '(35cm) tall
YoSD's (Honey Delf, LTF & BID) are approximately 10.25” (26cm) tall
TINIES (Tiny Delf, PKF, PP, RP, PID) it can also refer to anything under 40cm

I have also noticed, I have unconsciously managed to group most of my dolls in sets of three. Apart from, of course, my Fantasy ones, which vary in sizes and which I hope to eventually tie together in a story.

It's not that I dislike the larger dolls, I am simply drawn to the smaller ones and those with a fantasy feel. Not sure why, the only explanation could be my love of all things magical and the fact I have always been a bit of dreamer . . . but I can honestly say, that when I do dream . . . I dream BIG!!!

Yep, this hobby which began in earnest just a year ago, has grown to quite a substantial family of 20 and will be 23 when the last orders arrive. Though I do have two that I would like to move on, as they really don't quite fit in with the rest of the family. So that will bring me back to 21, that is providing I don't order any more and knowing me that is more likely to be a probability rather than possibility. :)

Lia - Venus the Warrior
Now who's to go? Firstly an In Motion Girl, Lia, whom I purchased from Ruby Red Galleria complete with face-up and everything shown in the photo to the left and who was simply returned to her box soon after the photo was taken. (FS @ US$200 plus postage)

The other is Amy, a 5 Star Doll who came to me naked, with eyes, face-up, a wig and blanket, but only in a shipping box. I will need to take her out of the box to photograph her in something decent before I can show her here. (FS @US$160 plus postage) 

If you are at all interested, please feel free to contact me through my Etsy store and if I receive no nibbles here, I'll take a few more photos and list them on DoA (Xanadu Dolls on there) and Paracosm (where I am just Xanadu).


  1. If it would be of any help, Hershey, Cadbury and Lindt could all come and live with me! I am sure I could find some nice accommodations for them.

    1. Oh Isabelle I'm so sorry, I would like to send you some business but I couldn't possibly part with my little sweeties.

  2. OMG, you've got 23 BJDs, Sandi? I couldn't manage with that big family xD

    At first I didn't like Iplehouse dolls, they look too realistic and now I love them just for that fact. As you know, we evolve.

    As I recently wrote on my blog, I'm in the hobby since 2009, I have only 6 dolls (the others belong to my mother) and I closed my collection last year because I think that I have too many dolls already and having another one would be a mental suicide, lol. I don't have temptations of getting new dolls, no matter how much I love the moulds (see Iplehouse Claude or DOD Kalix). I just love them, both are limited dolls, both were sold again last year and I DON'T regret to have let go the oportunity to buy them as they're only dolls. Now, what I really enjoy about the hobby, is taking photos, dressing them and writing the profiles and story of my characters.

    Haha, I love SSD and SD better than YoSD and tiny dolls. The smaller size I feel comfortable with is MSD because they're not as big as a SSD or SD and not as small as a YoSD or tiny if I want to take photos outside. But I like big dolls better, especially male dolls (see that I have one girl only and she's not very feminine, lol).

    Sorry for the long text >.<
    Hugs, Lily

    1. Ha ha! And that's just the BJDs Lily. I have managed to cull the Blythe dolls down from 28 to 16 in recent months, but just as quickly as they go, more BJDs seem to arrive. I know I'm hopeless but I need someone to sew for don't I?

      It's good that we all like different sizes, yet can still appreciate what each other collects and share photos.

      I guess the time will come when I say enough is enough and concentrate on just photographing them and writing stories, but for now I am still enjoying collecting them.

      Don't worry about long texts, I enjoy talking with you.

    2. Haha, seems you have a big doll family ^^ BJDs are very beautiful and addictive.

      Yep, I also think is good that we all like different sizes and I like to see photos other people share.

      Well, if you enjoy collecting them and you can afford, it's not bad to have a big doll family ;) The most important thing is to enjoy.

      Nice to know that, I enjoy talking with you too.
      Hugs, Lily