Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Hybrid (Part 2)

Had a little break from sewing and ordered a pretty lavender wig for Amy from Leeke World and a black one for my new Lati Yellow which should arrive tomorrow, with any luck.

The LY is to be a little Goth girl and I am looking forward to dressing her, but more on her later.

Back to Amy and her bodice come corset.

It's not perfect, it could probably have done with a little more shaping to fit neatly, however, it still looks pretty and fairy like to me.

The silk ruffle wasn't a problem and I was fairly happy with the the way the eyelets went in. They lined up beautifully and I used silk ribbon to lace it up. Now, if I add a hook and eye at the top, I think it will look and sit much better.

I have a lovely gold tiara for her, which will look quite stunning against the lavender hair and I will make a matching pair of bloomers for her out of the yellow batiste. After that I guess I will need to decide on shoes . . . . will I buy them or make them I wonder? 


  1. Hello Sandi,
    I really like the bodice. I think it looks comfortable and has a kind of relaxed quality I would think a fairy has. Excellent work and I like the wigs you ordered...hope they get there soon.
    Big hug,

    1. HI Giac,
      I sewed the hook & eye on last night and the back looks and sits so much better now. My little Lati girl arrived this morning so now I have to control my impatience until both the wigs arrive. :) I love being able to order things on line, but I really hate the wait! :)

  2. Love the hybrid, it really worked out perfectly! I really like the relaxed look of that corset too, its lovely and Very Fairylike!

    1. Thanks Tiggy, it's always lovely to receive positive feedback from someone other than a family member.