Monday, March 03, 2014

Creating Seraphine (Part 1)

I thought my next hybrid should be a fire spirit, an agent of purification. She will be courageous, creative, enthusiastic and passionate. However, as a fire spirit she will also have a wild, almost dangerous side to her nature and should be capable of infernos of rage and intemperance.

So her head is here and waiting and I ordered her a Luts body a couple of days ago, then as soon as I saw this wonderfully vibrant embroidered fabric, I knew I just had to have it to make her outfit. The picture is very clear in my mind of exactly how I want her to look, but I have yet to find her a suitable wig.

I have even found the perfect name for her . . . Seraphine, which very aptly means burning fire.
Now the waiting game begins all over again!


  1. Beautiful fabric! I'm curious of how your creation will look like!

    1. Thank you Nymphaea, I hope it works out the way I want it to.