Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Little Doll Room Chair

Quite some time ago, while hubby and I were out hunting around the antique shops we found a couple of chairs to makeover. One I intend restoring, the other I want to paint white and finish with a lovely feminine rose chintz.

The ones we bought are both the same design, made of cedar and upholstered with a yellow/olive (bit like pea soup) ribbed velvet which I do not like at all. I think I would prefer something more delicate like a pretty brocade.

I believe they are called balloon back chairs, but I have yet to find the date when or where they were made.

This is the look I want to achieve for the one which will go in my doll room.


  1. I love antique chairs!! I think you chose a gorgeous style for yours, hope you can complete them soon and they are all you expected!

    1. Hi Alejandra!
      I love antiques in general, but only have a few. Normally I wouldn't paint one as I like the look of aged timber, but I really needed the doll room one to be white and I just couldn't live with that awful velvet. :) I will post pics down the track when they are both done.