Sunday, March 13, 2016

Well I've Done it Now

Yes, I placed my order for Iplehouse Ah-Ra last week, but without the face-up this time. I figured by the time she arrives it will be May and much cooler weather without it being too wet. Perfect I hope for having two solid weeks while hubby's away again, to concentrate on finishing lots of outstanding face-ups!

My daughter and I had a girly day last Thursday. We had planned for Tuesday, but unfortunately she was unwell, so we put it off for a couple of days. Provincial was first on the list where I purchase some tea-towels for her, then Ikea and finished the day with a lovely dinner, a glass of wine and a real long chat. It was lovely to have the day to ourselves, doing the things we enjoy and generally just hanging out with each other.
She bought quite a few bits and pieces, but surprisingly I didn't buy much, just these milk can vases, which is a BIG change for me, as it's very rare I exit Ikea without several things in my trolley. :)

So not many pics to show you, sorry guys. I'll be back with some pretties and maybe a few dollies later in the week. Hope you are all enjoying yourselves . . . sending you these hugs to tide you over.


  1. Congrats on a new pretty doll :D!!! And congrats on surviving Ikea! I wish I have it here, I would get so many things and at the same time I could test my will power lol

    I'm glad you got to spend time with your daughter, I spent today with my dad too and it was awesome :)
    Hope your daughter doesn't have anything serious?

    Have a great sunday!

    1. Hi Alejandra!
      Thanks for the congrats. :) Yes, I think I did pretty well to get out of there spending under $50. LOL!
      Ah that's nice, I miss my dad. I think all daughters have a special bond with their dad, don't you?
      No my daughter just had a tummy bug and didn't want to give it to me...she's fine now.

  2. I'll gladly take the hugs Xanadu! Thank you. Need it as this week has a bit a bit rough on me.

    Those milk vases look nice. I wish I could have flowers in the house but my cat likes to eat flowers or anything green plant-wise!

    Congrats on your order! I'm really looking forward to seeing you do some face ups.

    1. Oh dear Alasse, You are sounding a bit down, I hope you perk up soon, it's not like you.
      Yes the vases were a bit different and look great in my kitchen but no flowers in them yet. :)
      I'm looking forward to less humid weather, so I can get started on these others that are waiting. And of course my dragon Singe, he really needs some colour.

  3. Congrats on your order!!! Ah-ra is just so pretty, I can't wait to see her with you :3
    And it is nice you two got some nice time together!

  4. Hello Sandy,
    Well done. there is nothing worse then missing our on something you really want. I'm glad you had fun with your daughter.
    Big hug


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