Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas at Our House

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break ~ whether you celebrate or not, whether it’s holy or just a holiday, I hope there was lots of love and laughter.

We rose early as Coco was keen to unwrap the presents "Santa" had left for him under the tree.


Christmas day was HOT in Melbourne and I didn't go outside until about 3 pm. Then there was a quick about turn to go back into our cool air-conditioned home . . . 38c was simply too hot for me to stay outside..

However, it was stress free, calm and quite with lots of food of course! Consuming prawns, crab, ham and various other delectables with four different salads, followed by mince pies and fruit cake, exploding is inevitable!! How on earth is one supposed to fit in Maggie Beer's duck and orange pate, bagelettes, nuts and other nibbles during the afternoon, when we have eaten so much for lunch? Let alone continue in the evening, eating steak, ginger and lime chicken and sausages cooked on the BBQ, followed by my daughter's four berry pavlova for dinner!

Needless to say we all gave it our best shot, but hubby and I will be eating leftovers at least until the new year rolls on in. :)

Here's some dolly pics to tide you over . . . my little Dasha . . . all the clothes came with her except for the cardigan in the last shot, which I made. I shall do a review of the Paola Reina dolls later, when I'm back in the groove.

This has been a good year full of dolly fun and friendship . . . thank you to all my readers and blogging buddies.

That's all from me in Melbourne Australia . . . I'll be back in 2017!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Joy to You All!

Well this post has been a long time coming, I have been so busy with Christmas shopping and other dolly delights I have sadly been neglecting my blog and friends, but not to worry I have pics to show you and news to share. :)

Feeling lazy and not at all like sewing, I came across Carol Pringle's lovely clothes on Flickr and placed an order for 4 outfits to be made to fit some of my smaller dolls.

I came across these little gals on the internet recently, which hubby was kind enough to buy for me for Christmas. They will come dressed in these clothes, but will probably fit into those above. :).

Fortunately for me both dolls (Dasha and Nora) were available locally and are on their way to me as I write. I'm not sure whether they will stay as they are, or have a re-paint, eye and hair change. This will depend entirely on my reaction when I hold them in my hot little hands. :)

The measurements, as you can see below, are a perfect size for me and have a body size very close to my Dollmore Narsha Zihu, which means they will be able to share some clothes.


Paola Reina Dolls are an exquisite range of dolls individually hand made in Alicante, Spain from high-quality vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) without ethers or phthalates and meeting all European quality and safety regulations.
  • They have a soft vanilla scent.
  • The eyes are made of hard plastic including life-like eye lashes (eyes do not close).
  • The low flammable nylon hair comes from German and Italy and is styled by hand.
  • The hair is also securely sewn in and not glued.
  • Facial features are hand painted (eyebrows, lips, cheeks, freckles).
  • Articulating arms, head, and legs so doll can be placed in both standing and sitting positions.
  • Clothes are made with quality fabrics designed by the Paola Reina team.
  • Suitable for age 3+. (I'm in that bracket somewhere.)
Well that's about all my immediate news, and just in case I get caught up again ~

Hugs to you all! I'll be back after Christmas to share my presents. :)