BJD Human Dolls


Sophia (Iplehouse BID Anne ~ Normal Skin)
Sophia enjoys the short walk to the local bakery each day to buy bread for the evening meal. Being an avid cook, she loves living close to the other farms and finds there is always something to appreciate, like the lovely fresh eggs, luscious olives and sun dried tomatoes.

Claudia (Iplehouse BID Bonnie ~ Normal Skin)
Claudia thinks living in the beautiful Italian countryside is simply divine. She's a little fussy and likes a tidy house with everything in it's proper place. She is quite creative and enjoys painting pictures of the scenery that surrounds their home.

Gina (Luts Honey Delf Lolly ~ Brown Skin)
Gina is very outspoken, with a temper that sometimes gets the better of her. She has a passion for pretty clothes and thoroughly enjoys being able to ride her blue Vespa down the country roads into Florence to shop for the latest fashions.


Ancelina (LF Bisou ~ Natural Skin)
Ancelina is excited by change, adventure and is able to make constructive use of freedom, She tends to be an optimistic, energetic and intelligent person who makes friends easily. At times, despite her innocent look, she may become restless and rebellious.

Angelique (LF Luna ~ Natural Skin)
Angelique tends to initiate events, she is focused on specific goals and has a wealth of creative new ideas with the ability to implement them with efficiency and determination. She is courageous, however, can sometimes be stubborn, proud and impatient.

Antoinette (LF Ante ~ Natural Skin)
Antoinette has a deep inner desire to lead, organize and supervise without being too bossy. She want to achieve status, power and wealth, but prefers to have harmony and balance in her life, and responds positively to beautiful things.


Jazz (LF Reni ~ Natural Skin)
Jazz is an effervescent girl with a wonderful bright attitude and a pink blush on her cheek. Constantly positive in her outlook on life, she has fast become a family favourite.

Eve (IH Naias ~ Normal Skin)
Eve has many good qualities, she has brilliant red hair with a slim face. Although she can be somewhat anxious at times, she's also very sweet and extremely versatile.

Pippin (LF Pipi Girl ~ Tan Skin)
Pippin comes from a long line of Pippins dating back to the 1830's. She is very attractive, with a lovely nature. Pippin is a real bookworm and can often be seen sitting under a tree in the orchard, reading one of her books.


Finch (DZ Choco ~ White Skin)
Finch is a shy boy, who adores animals and hopes to become a veterinarian. He loves dogs, finds all the strays and is constantly telling me "this one just followed me home".

Wren (IH BID Peekaboo ~ Light Brown Skin)
Wren is a little on the quiet side and a bit of a nerd who studies hard to become an excellent mathematician. Some day he hopes to be a nuclear scientist.

Raven (IH Serca ~ Special Real Skin)
Raven is a very keen sportsman and footballer. When he is older, he hopes to play football professionally and win a huge trophy.


Ebony (IH Efreet ~ Special Real Skin)
Ebony loves playing the Cello, though not in the traditional sense. Like her music she tends to be a upbeat and always on the go.

Ivory (IH Elin ~ Normal Skin)
Elin loves playing her guitar and is hoping one day to own a decent amplifier to go with it. Her greatest wish is to one day play like her favourite guitarist, Mark Knopfler.

Harmony (IH Chloe ~ Normal Skin)
Harmony loves her violin, but has a bad habit of losing her bow. She can be very frustrating at times because she is quite messy and doesn't seem to care, but she plays the violin beautifully.


Mia Mary (Liz Frost's Mia ~ Light Tan)
Little Miss Mary is from the land of Rhyme, she tends to spend much of her time in the garden with her flowers.

Fifi Muffet (Liz Frost's Fifi ~ Light Tan)
Little Miss Muffet is from the land of Rhyme, she loves to cook but is not very good at it and has only managed to successfully make junket.

Bo Peep (Liz Frost's Lunette ~ Fair)
Little Miss Bo is also from the land of Rhyme, but she has a dark side and has a tendency to loose things all the time, especially her sheep.

Lucy Locket (Liz Frost's Willowmenia ~ Chocolate)
Her character is being developed.


Maisie (iMDA 2.6 Colette ~ Normal Skin)
For Maisie a day without her sister beside her would be devastating, she looks up to her and admires her zest for life. She really enjoys Daisy's company, because her sister treats her as an equal and not just as a little sister.

Daisy (iMDA 3.0 Babette ~ Normal Skin)
She is the elder of the two and takes care of her little sister. Daisy loves taking Maisie to the movies, to the local skating rink and for walks in the very picturesque gardens near their home.

Emmaline (DollsBeWithYou Pomegranate ~ Normal Skin)

Amelia (DollsBeWithYou Paprika ~ Normal Skin)

IpleHouse KID Irene ~ Special Real Skin

IpleHouse KID Lonnie ~ Original Peach Gold Skin

Iplehouse KID Paige ~ Normal Skin


Hanako (Minisup Hanna ~ Normal Skin)

Verity Delamore-Larkin (Hybrid Dollzone Minas NYS with faceup
on Impldoll 46cm Young Girl Body)

Nadia (Luts KD Darae ~ Normal Skin)

Nanette (FL MiniFee Celine ~ Natural Skin)

Sally (Luts KD Darin ~ Normal Skin)

Suzanne AKA Suzie (DF-H Tao Yue ~ Pink Skin)

Dollmore Narsha Zihu ~ Normal Skin

Denise (Kaye Wiggs Mini Layla ~ Fair Skin)


Momoko (Iplehouse Ah-Ra ~ Normal Skin)

Fidelia Delamore-Larkin (Volks DWC #3 Head Pureskin with faceup byUchan on Volks SD13 Cyndy ~ Pure Skin)

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