BJD Elvin Folk

THE ELF GUARDIANS ~ The elf guardians have long been dedicated to protecting all who live in the Great Elvin Forest. Their lifeline extends far past all others in the forest, and their powers are stronger than those of the Fae, Pixie, Sprite and Sylph combined.

Legolas means "green leaves" in Sindarin (a fictional language devised by J. R. R. Tolkien), from laeg "green" combined with go-lass "collection of leaves". In my story, he is the Elvin King and Guardian Master.
Doll Family-A Julian White Skin blank
Siofra (pronounced Shi-frə) is an Irish changeling faerie, who is small in stature compared to all the other Guardians, but wise beyond her years. She is calm in the face of adversity and a good listener which makes her a wonderful Counsellor to the forest dwellers. She is also the mistress of Legolas.
Serendipity Sharmin Normal Skin default face-up
These four are the gifted ones, who rely on their magical powers to help care for the Great Elvin Forest and those who live there. They were not born with this gift of magic, it was bestowed on them by the Elvin King.

Diaphanus (pronounced di-a-fan-us) is as delicate and light as gossamer, with a gentle nature and a fondness for the animals of the forest. She is princess sylph, but is seen only as a wingless fae, who floats on the wind to care for the sick and needy throughout the realm. Sylphs are usually sympathetic, kindly and thoughtful, who often have a profound and powerful influence on the mental body and thought.
Hybrid 5StarDoll Amy head / Luts KD Romantic body Real Skin Normal default face-up

Seraphine, which very aptly means burning fire, is a fire sprite, an agent of purification. She is courageous, creative, enthusiastic and passionate. However, as a fire sprite she also has a wild, almost dangerous side to her nature and is capable of infernos of rage and intemperance. A fire elemental may appear as a spark, a face in a candle flame or bonfire.
Hybrid DIM Human Flowne head face-up by Alexandra Somma of 16-Bit Faceups / Luts KD Romantic body Real Skin Normal

Ondine, etheric in nature, she exists within the water itself and can be found in marshlands, streams, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and seas. Her purpose is to direct the flow and course of the waters of the planet. Water sprites are beautiful, emotional and graceful nature spirits who dress in sea coloured garments which have both a shimmering consistency and a watery texture.
Hybrid DIM Youra head default face-up Normal Skin / Luts KD Romantic Body Real Skin Normal

Estelwen, who's name means hope, has both energy and charm, which simplifies her role as the forest Sheriff. Although quite tiny and petite, she is designated a royal official, responsible for keeping the peace throughout a shire on behalf of the Elvin King.
Noble Dolls Radicelle Lavender Grey Resin default face-up
Schoolhouse Borders: Ye Olde Schoolhouse sits at the very end of Oak Tree Lane, high up on the hill. It's no longer used as a school, as there are no children living nearby, so it's become a boarding house for occasional visitors and those that don't have homes of their own.

Flossy (Fairy Floss) isn't fond of the sun at all, as she has light pink skin which gets sunburnt very easily. She is a water sprite, but she doesn't have quite as many clothes as her close friend Fudge. However, she does tend to hoard things like jewellery and trinkets.
Fairyland RealFee Mari Girl Pink Skin blank
Fudge (Chocolate Fudge) is also water sprite and a lover of sunshine, hence her lovely tan skin. She loves wearing blue clothes, as the colour matches her eyes, and she has lots of them. That suitcase is choc-a-block full of pretty dresses and lacy unmentionables.
Fairyland RealFee Mari Girl Tan Skin blank
Peri (Periwinkle) is an elf who was born without ears. Her other senses compensated for her lack of hearing and she excelled as a dragon whisperer. Even though she could speak, she prayed for ears. Then one morning her prayers were finally answered when she woke to the sound of birds twittering in the tree outside her window and found she had the longest ears she could ever have imagined.
Fairyland RealFee May Girl Beautiful White Skin default face-up

The Teapot Elves: The teapot is home to an unlikely trio of elves who have been brought together by circumstance. The teapot had once belonged to a family of dwarfs, but was abandoned long ago, not a soul in the Elvin Forest knows why the dwarfs left or where they went to. It's all very strange indeed!

Lady Grey is from a family with a long royal bloodline, though she doesn't have a penny to her name. She no longer has servants to help her and has to make her own way in life now. She's pretty feisty though and is quite determined she will do well living in the Elvin Forest, surrounded by the friendly elves who live on Oak Tree Lane.
Fairyland PukiFee Icis Tan Skin default face-up
Darjeeling, companion to Lady Grey, has had a very unhappy beginning to her life, hence the little sad face. It was unfortunate that her mother not only gave her up for adoption at a young age, she performed surgery on her ears and this had a large impact on Darjeeling's self esteem. She has been crying stars ever since, so hopefully this new home will make her feel more secure and help her to become more confident.
Fairyland PukiFee Bonnie Natural Skin with Petite Marine face-up & human ears 

Pekoe is a very capable elf with a strong character and happy nature, so should be a perfect addition to the Tea Pot household! Her unpaid position as both Housekeeper and Chauffeur will most certainly keep her busy, but it will also save her a pretty penny in rent! Like her mistress, and due to circumstances beyond her control, she is stony broke.
Fairyland PukiFee Cupid Tan Skin default face-up
Gingerbread House Elves: The Gingerbread House is situated not too far from the Biscuit Barrel, but a little deeper in the Elvin Forest and all decorated with lollipops and chocolate.

BonBon, just as her name suggests, is a perfect little sweetie, with a very generous nature. Although some of her friends are a little concerned about the "plastic surgery" on her ears, she insists she really is, and will always be, an elf at heart.
Fairyland PukiFee Bonnie Natural Skin with default face-up & human ears 
GumDrop, with her pale complexion is often mistaken as being a sickly elf, but she is in fact full of life and somewhat mischievous. She does appear be a little bit of a softie too, because she doesn't go anywhere without her teddy bear.
Fairyland PukiFee Pio Beautiful White Skin default face-up
Truffles is a gorgeous tiny redhead with a passion for the wildlife that is to be seen throughout the Elvin Forest. She often spends her time watching the butterflies flitter about in the early warm summer sun or helping the squirrels gather nuts for the winter.
Fairyland PukiFee Luna Natural Skin with Petite Marine face-up 
Chocolate Box Elves: The Chocolate Box on Oak Tree Lane, which is just a stone throw from the other tiny Elvin Forest residents, is their home.

Cadbury is the perfect elf, well behaved and a roll model for her house mates, who at times are somewhat rowdy. Her favourite colour is lavender, which compliments her lovely creamy chocolate skin. Her favourite fragrance is also lavender.
Fairyland PukiFee Vanilla Tan Skin default face-up
Hershey looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but unfortunately Hershey tells big whoppers. We are not sure if she really believes what she is saying, or if it's all in her wild imagination. But whatever it is, it gets her into no end of trouble.
Fairyland PukiFee Zio Natural Skin default face-up
Lindt is a very pretty and popular elf, who regularly invites friends over to play, which sometimes doesn't go down very well with Cadbury. They become quite noisy and a tad boisterous when they all get together, then expect to stay for dinner.
Fairyland PukiFee Ante Natural Skin default face-up
Biscuit Barrel Elves:
The Biscuit Barrel in which they reside, some how made it's way into the forest. It is very cosy and homely inside, with decorated walls and favourite pictures of places the elves have visited along the way to reaching their Elvin independence.

Cookie originates from Odense on the lovely island of Fuen in Denmark, was named after the Royal Dansk creamy butter cookies and has become very fond of cooking them herself.
Fairyland PukiFee Bonnie Natural Skin default face-up
Biscotti comes from the Italian city Prato, she is the serious one who loves art, fashion, eats and wears anything green and is very partial to Pistachio nuts.
Fairyland PukiFee Cony Natural Skin default face-up
Macaron is a little French elf from Paris, who adores Strawberries, the colour pink and it should com as no surprise, that she has an eye for fine feminine style.
Fairyland PukiFee Dony Natural Skin default face-up
Beechwood Hall Elves (formerly of the Greenhouse):
Beechwood Hall is home to the smallest of elves, who once lived in the recently renovated Greenhouse (which had been a lucky find for them as they lost their original tree house and all their belongings in a fire). However, the two the boys recently purchased a lottery ticket, and much to Misty's surprise, it was the winning ticket. They sold the Greenhouse to some new arrivals and have moved in to the very grand Beechwood Hall.

Misty Dell, older sister and guardian of her two younger, mischievous brothers. She sometimes finds this task extremely exasperating and dearly wishes they would settle down and behave themselves. There are occasions she almost loses her voice trying to tame them down.
Fairyland RealPuki Kaka Tan Skin default face-up
Mossy Rock, is such a very mischievous elf who often encourages Hollow to follow his lead. He has the wildest sense of humour which is not appreciated by Misty at all, as his somewhat peculiar antics more often than not lead to complete disaster. He loves to get up on the roof and slide down the tiles.
Fairyland RealPuki Soso Natural Skin default face-up
Hollow Log, is slightly simple and soft natured, who is easily led by his brother and can never fully understand why Misty is yelling at him. He has the greatest sense of rhythm and loves to sing and dance, which would make him the perfect little elf, if only his cheeky brother would stop leading him astray.
Fairyland RealPuki Ara Natural Skin default face-up
FANTASY CREATURES ~ Are mythical beings, dragons, unicorns, centaurs & mermaids who share the Great Elvin Forest with others who have made it their home.

Theron, is a King, who comes from the Ipotane race, who are half horse / half human and considered to be the original version of the centaur. He is a food gatherer and hunter, though he only hunts what he needs to survive.

Theron grew up in the Elvin Forest and never knew who his real parents were. He was brought up by an elderly aunt, who saw to his daily needs, but very rarely spoke to him. It's probably the reason he's not quite the "people person" he'd like to be and why it took him a long time to make any close friends.

He has a cheerful nature, most of the time, however, when he is grumpy, he has quite a stern look upon his face. Theron also tells it, as he sees it, and unfortunately his comments are quite often misunderstood, which is probably why many forest folk have mixed feelings about him.

Ondine, a Guardian Water Sprite, is the mother of his child Hera and understandably, he is much loved by them both.
Luts Kid Delf Centaur Moonlit Song Bory, RS Brown/Tan default face-up

Hera, like her namesake, is royalty, though not yet a queen. She is a princess, quite young and pretty, a little self centred and bossy at times, yet fun to be around most of the time.
Her mother is a Guardian Water Sprite and her father the Ipotane King. Most animals who live in the forest presume it was an arranged marriage without love, however, they are quite wrong, the couple are extremely happy together.

Unbeknownst to her parents, this young princess often wanders deep into the forest to meet with her friend Pegasus, even though she was forbidden to wander so far from home. Hera has high hopes that one day, when she is all grown up, she and Pegasus will marry. Though that doesn't seem really likely, after all, who ever heard of a centaur marrying a flying horse!
Luts Tiny Delf Unicorn Centaur Hansel Real Skin Brown/Tan default face-up

Pegasus is a divine winged stallion usually depicted as pure white in colour, however this is quite wrong as you see here before you. He is the son of Poseidon, who's domain was the ocean and the reason Pegasus is a beautiful pale sea green and white.

Although his home was Atlantis, Pegasus has always liked to travel and according to legend, everywhere this beautiful winged horse struck his hoof to the earth, an inspiring spring burst forth. One of these springs was right here, deep in the Elvin Forest and it was his great love for the forest's peace and serenity, that enticed him to make it his home.
Luts Tiny Delf Centaur Jack Bubble Mint/White Ltd Ed default face-up

Singe was given this name as he is a dragon with very little fire in his breath, a kindly dragon who can only emit a slight scorching, as if gassing a weft of fabric with flame.

He was the smallest egg in the clutch and when he emerged from his egg he was only a tiny wee dragon. Under normal circumstances, he probably wouldn't have made it to the age he is now, but his mother loved him so much, she gently nurtured him until he reached an age where he was able to fend for himself.

Singe grew to be a confident dragon, despite being bullied by the other young dragons. Being small and constantly ridiculed by his peers, could have quite easily made him feel forlorn and humiliated. Nevertheless, his courage and enormous strength of character, helped him to remain very positive and retain his soft caring nature.

He became very friendly with all the other creatures that lived in the forest near by and would visit them often. Sometimes, during the cold winter months, when the twigs needed to start a fire were damp with rain, he would huff and puff until he could raise enough flame to dry the twigs and get a campfire burning for his forest friends. Actually, if it wasn't for Singe, most of them would have suffered the most terrible frost bite.
The Mushroom Peddler Dragon White Resin blank

Sybil von Raven comes from an aristocratic vampire family, but having been taken from them as a young child and abandoned in the forest where she was raised by the animals, Sybil doesn't know she is a vampire.

This blissful ignorance allows Sybil to spend the daylight hours chatting and playing with all her animal friends. Having been surrounded by them most of her life, she understands their language perfectly, though she does at times, have a little difficulty speaking all the different dialects.

The area of the forest where Sybil lives, is just a short distance from Oak Tree Lane, but far enough away that she has a little privacy. She has made a comfy home for herself in the old granite crypt, which was built a short distance from the path that runs though Bluebell Dell. It's a very pretty spot and Sybil is happy there.
Peak's Woods FOF V.F. Lady Alice, Blue Grey Skin default face-up

Atargatis. Legendary aquatic creatures from the deep sea are often misunderstood, and blamed for things that are far beyond their control. Atargatis is one such creature. She was so saddened by what people thought of her, she left her home and made her way up the estuary, to the lake near the Elvin Forest.

Atargatis is as kind, as she is beautiful, though not the colour one would imagine a mermaid to be. Her hair is long and fine, her skin is smooth and her tail of pretty pink scales glistens like raindrops in the sunshine when she's happy.
Fairyland RealFee Mari Girl Natural Skin /Clear Pink Tail default face-up

The original Gaea, was the great mother of all ~ the primal Greek Mother Goddess, who created and gave birth to the Earth and all the Universe.

However, Gaea is more commonly known in my story as Mother Nature, who wanders the Elvin Forest in human form. Her skin is the colour of the streams and trees combined, her long flaxen hair is bedecked with flowers and berries, her scent is earthy, yet sweet and succumbing.

She is extremely petite (some might say she's really quite tiny) and although she has great power, Gaea prefers not to use it to her own advantage and for most of the time she remains invisible to those living in the forest. At times, she changes her image and walks through the forest unseen and unheard by those living there, touching things gently with her fingertips as she passes, turning the almost dead greenery into flourishing blooms.
Fairyland RealFee Pano Girl Mint Skin default face-up

Nomios, a young relative of the great Pan, is much smaller in stature than most if his companions. He is an excellent shepherd though and a wonderful guardian to all the animals living in the Elvin Forest. The hedgehog, red squirrel, mole and stoat, as well as the dormice and bank voles are just a few of the many forest animals in his care (possibly because they are small like him).

May is his favourite season and he is extremely fond of simply wandering through the forest watching the shafts of sunlight playing onto carpets of bluebells. And as the flowers appear, so do the butterflies, it is such a pretty sight to behold.

In as much as Nomios cares for all the animals, it's this time of year when he bows to the wishes of Mother Nature. The rabbits have been breeding since late winter and with numerous rather naïve youngsters busily cropping the grass, he allows the foxes and stoats to satisfy their own requirements.

Nomios has a beautiful smile which can be quite seductive when the mood strikes and he has managed to acquire a reputation of being a ladies man. He is also very musical and has a strong passion for playing the flute, like the great Pan.
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Atlantes is a powerful sorcerer who constructed an invisible and magical castle high in the mountains beyond the Elvin Forest. He enchanted and imprisoned the warrior knight Ruggiero, filling the castle with illusions to deter Ruggiero from escaping his clutches...but escape he did!
Impldoll Baby Teno Natural Skin blank
Tempest doesn't look like most other Trolls, she is more slender in build and has a somewhat kindly face, but don't let this mislead you. She is an Ice Troll and when annoyed or angry, she is as violent as a windstorm accompanied by rain, snow and hail. Tempest doesn't care for Elves at all, and if she was ever to catch one encroaching on "her territory", it's very likely the Elf would end up in her stew pot!
Impldoll Baby Gela, White Skin blank
Ruggerio is a warrior knight, who was raised by the sorcerer Atlantes. He is courageous, diligent and optimistic. Although trained as a warrior, he has a gentle nature, tending to negotiate and avoid conflict rather than battle with adversaries.

Atlantes was fiercely protective of Ruggiero and used his sorcery to imprison him in his invisible castle on the top of Ice Mountain and far from the Elvin Forest. Ruggiero finally escaped from the castle by melding with the hippogriff Fleetfoot and flying to safety.
Fairyland RealFee June Full Set Normal Skin default face-up

Fleetfoot, the hippogriff, a steed born of a mare and a griffin is a legendary creature which has the front half of an eagle and the hind half of a horse. He is extremely fast and able to fly around the world, even as far as the Moon and back. Fleetfoot is ridden by magicians and the wandering knight Ruggiero, who was raised since infancy by the sorcerer Atlantes, as a warrior.
Fairyland Fantasy Artline Rus Full Set Violet Skin blank
Snowdrift arrived in the Elvin Forest when he was just a small foal. He came from the high mountains, over the bridge past Troll County and close to where Atlantes lived on Ice Mountain.

It was there, where the powerful sorcerer in a fit of rage, froze Snowdrift's parents to solid ice. He was very lucky to escape suffering the same fate.
Camellia Dynasty Sage White Skin default face-up

TINY FLOWER FAIRIES ~ Live in the Giant Mushroom
which lies just near the edge of the forest, not far from Sybil von Raven but across the lane and on the way to Troll County. Their home is quite modest in size, as one would expect of a mushroom, but it's extremely comfortable inside. However, fairies prefer to spend most of their time outdoors.

Pi (Sweet Pea) is enchanting and dainty with a seductive smile that always seems to transport adults back to the sun-drenched gardens of their childhood. Her early history is shrouded in mystery, she may have originated where fairies still grow up in the wild.
Fairyland PukiFee Soso Natural Skin blank

Wi (Wisteria) has wiles which are almost impossible to resist, she will beckon you and before you know it, you'll be under her spell. She has a mind of her own and you would be wise to take the time to get to know this beauty before you befriend her or she'll steal and break your heart like a Jezebel.
Fairyland PukiFee Pupu Natural Skin blank
Li (Linaria) is charming, delicate and graceful best describe this one. Although she is quite tall, Li looks a little fragile, but don't be misled, she comes from hardy stock. Li spends a lot of time in the sunshine and enjoys wearing bright, strong colours, her favourite colour being pink!
Li is also the senior fairy and as such makes all the decisions regarding the other two.
Fairyland RealFee Toki (full set) Natural Skin, (changed to Mari's body)

TINY ANIMAL SPIRITS ~ One supposedly sly and deadly, the other presumed kind and caring, neither one able to use their spiritual powers within the boundaries of the Great Elvin Forest. Whilst there, they remain in almost human form. It is while in this form, they meet another animal spirit in the Elvin Forest.

Kenyon ~ Born of a wolf, though not aggressive or showing a cunning and deceitful nature. Yet, many in the Elvin Forest are wary and afraid of Kenyon even though he is unable to use his spiritual powers whilst he stays within the boundaries of the Elvin Forest. His greatest friend is the one you would least expect and they spend many hours quietly reading.
Fairyland PukiFee Tiki Tan Skin default face-up
has since been re-shelled as a Trapeze Artist.
Kelsi ~ Born of a sheep, yet not a follower. Kelsi is kind and caring as everyone presumes, she has great courage and an enormous amount of trust and forgiveness too. She understands the fears of the others in the forest, yet has no fear herself and is a wonderful friend to Kenyon and will probably always remain so, for another of her fine qualities is loyalty.
Fairyland PukiFee Rin Beautiful White Skin default face-up
has since been re-shelled as a Pierrot Clown.
Khrysalis ~ Is a butterfly spirit, who carries special messages and enters ones life as spirit guide when one is going through important life changes. Sensing that Kenyon and Kelsi have found peace together in the Elvin Forest, he has come to help them through those changes, as they adjust to staying in the Elvin Forest for the rest of their lives.
Fairyland PukiFee Jude Tan Skin default face-up
has since been re-shelled as Buttons the Tailor.
TINY HALFLINGS ~ The Greenhouse is home for the halflings who have recently arrived in the Elvin Forest, which was formerly owned by the tiny elves, Misty, Mossy and Hollow.

Halflings are neither elf nor human, though they are the size of a small elf and look human, they have no powers and prefer to be left to their own devices.

Kismet Glitterglass 
Lati Yellow Grown up Bayer (Basic version) White Skin default face-up

Tian Sparkleheart
Luts Tiny Delf Pino (Lavender version) Normal Skin default face-up
TINY ANTHRO CRITTERS ~ These are some of the critters that now belong to the residents of the Elvin Forest.

Monet, Brice, Jax ~ The snail, the bear and the bunny are the trio who once had human form, but because of their bad behavior were turned into the critters their inner character most resembled. Monet was always slow and late, Brice was forever growling and Jax couldn't sit still long enough to finish anything.
(L to R) DollZone Larry White Skin blank, Coco Tribe Bear White Skin default face-up, Doll Leaves 1st Anniversary Event Rabbit Normal Skin blank

Renoir ~ A cat who doesn't think he's a cat, he walks on his hind legs and is often found dabbling with paints.
Camellia Dynasty Wong White Skin blank

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