Monday, March 04, 2013

Iplehouse Fashion

I received notification last Thursday that my garment order from Iplehouse was on the way and it arrived today. So my sweet Irene will have clothes ready for her when she arrives in June. The pretty skirt, blouse and cardi outfit looked so delightful on Irene in the photo shoot, that it was a must have and I will team it with the brown boots.

 I also bought the little sleeveless shirt and honey coloured jumper knowing full well they are meant to be boy clothes, but teamed up with the right skirt they will look just as lovely on Irene.

Two other parcels arrived at the same time, the first included a little pair of white shoes and the other my steampunk Pullip - Aurora.

Not as happy as I should be with the costume, it's very PLASTIC, so I guess in time she will probably get a new steampunk outfit.

EDIT: She has since been sold.

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