Saturday, May 04, 2013

Tutorial: Sun Dress for Puki Fee

For this project you will need:
Fabric (I used a Japanese printed lawn) Skirt 21cm x 4.5cm, Bodice 11.5 x 4cm and
Straps 10cm x 2 cm (these will be stitched as one then cut in half to form the two straps)
1.5cm gathered lace or trim for bttom of skirt 21cm long
2cm lace for bodice 4cm long (I ended up using an eyelet lace with silk ribbon threaded through)
2 press studs (snaps)
Other trim to give your dress the personal touch, i.e. buttons for the back or a tiny bow for the front

Run two rows of  gathering stitches close together along the length of the skirt fabric and pull up to measure 11.5cm.

Fold over 5mm (wrong sides together) along the bottom edge, press and then place the gathered lace or trim on top, pin then stitch in place.

Centre the 2cm lace on the right side of the bodice fabric, pin then top stitch in place.

Pull up the gathering stitches, place the gathered skirt edge right sides together with the bodice fabric, easing as you pin then stitch together about 5mm in from the edge.

Fold over 5mm of the bodice, pin and press, then fold over again so that it meets the stitching line, press and stitch down either by hand or machine.

Overlock (surge or zigzag) the back edges at either end, fold over 5mm press and stitch in place. Your bodice should measure 10.5cm.

To make the straps fold over 5mm along each side of the long strip, press then fold in half and stitch down. (If you prefer you can stitch these by hand as they are quite fiddly to do on the sewing machine.) Cut the strip in half, then tack/pin one either side of the lace panel on the bodice.

Place the garment on your PukiFee, pull the straps over her shoulder to get the length. Remove the garment, then move the strap inside the dress, pin it in place about 1.5cm from each back edge. Run a line of top stitching across the top of the bodice, this will finish off the bodice and keep your straps in place.

Sew your press studs on at the back opening, one at the top of the bodice, the other just below the waist. Trim with a bow or buttons and your little dress is finished and ready for PukiFee to wear next summer.


  1. I love it :)
    I'll try to sew a dress similar :)

    1. Thank you Wilandra. I don't think you will have any trouble with this little dress, it's fairly simple. Have fun with your sewing!


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