Sunday, July 28, 2013

Be Happy

There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding dolls and those who love them, but I really don't give a damn what other people think regarding this issue. There probably are those who think I am way too old to collect/play with dolls because they simply do not (and probably never will) understand why I enjoy what I'm doing. To be completely honest, sometimes I don't even understand it myself, but it does make me happy.

It's not merely a matter of collecting or playing with dolls, it's having an appreciation of the work that goes into sculpting them and the fact you can add your own creative input to making each one individually special.

It doesn't matter whether one enjoys sewing, knitting or crocheting outfits for dolls, shopping online for shoes and tiny objects for props, practicing photography, taking up pastels or paint brushes to give a doll a new face-up, or whether one just enjoys spending time chatting and sharing ideas with like minded people of all ages and genders . . . it's all pleasurable fun.

Life is fleeting and each of us should enjoy the precious moments that make us happy while we can. Now, I no longer care to find the reason why I enjoy dolls, I simply do.


  1. Too right! And if it wasn't for the adult collectors in this world, dolls like me would be broken, lying at the bottom of the toy box covered in crayon, naked and alone. Little kids do not know how to love and appreciate us fully like a grown up does!
    There are a number of older humans who have discovered the magic of the doll world, but they usually have to do it secretly.
    It seems that people try to squash other people's pleasure, by ridiculing and belittling each other, saying that they are being childish or crazy for playing with dolls. Why do they do this?
    We dolls realize this, and we bring as much pleasure and enjoyment as we can to our humans.
    Love your dolls, as they love you back!

    1. Thank you Isbelle...can you please let Sam know I accidentally lost the message that she left on my post "She's a Must Have".
      Hugs X