Tuesday, July 30, 2013

From Me to You

A parcel arrived in the mail today, I was very excited to see who it was from . . . 

but as I turned the box around, I was shocked to see the damage . . .

what was I going to find inside????
To my relief there was a little mummy, well wrapped in tissue and bubble wrap
and when I finally unwrapped it
there was my sweet little Singe in his birthday suit, with a second head no less.

I was overjoyed!
Nothing like a little bit of fantasy to put one in a great mood for the day.

I wrote this little poem back in 2009 and it was first published on 3rd January, 2010.
I have since made a couple of changes and seeing I am crazy in love with Luts' Centaurs,
little naked Dragons and generally caught up in a Fantasy whirl,
I thought it was an appropriate time to post it here.

© S.D.Smith

As a child, I went to places beyond my reach,
I dreamt of stars shining bright, on a moonlit beach,
Of digging in sand and finding coins to keep,
Of misty hills and green valleys deep.

As a child, I flew through an ebony sky,
Hanging rainbows on stars, as I passed by,
I saw fat little goblins hanging tight to a cloud,
And the child within me, laughed out loud.

As a child, I went to places mystical and old,
I dreamt of pretty maidens, with long braids of gold,
Of beautiful unicorns and stone castles tall,
Of music and fairies that danced in the hall.

Time has passed, yes, the years have flown by,
But l remember those dreams, as death draws nigh,
And still face each day with a smile or a grin,
Because I haven't forgotten the child that's within.

May you stay forever young!


  1. Great poem and a gorgeous little dragon too! Welcome Singe!
    (Yes, hurry up and get the Lut's Centaur. That is one incredibly, wonderful doll!) After reading your poem, I think you MUST get all the mythical creatures you desire!
    Hugs Isabelle

    1. Thank you Isabelle, Singe is quite handsome for a dragon. I am impatiently waiting for Luts to release the Centaurs and no sooner that I order one, the waiting will begin all over again! :)