Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Highs and Lows

I have been on a bit of roller coaster ride this past week. I was expecting deliveries from Supia and Soom, but it's so disappointing when you receive a shipping notice to say a doll is going to be shipped on a specific day and that the tracking number will be forwarded as soon as it has been shipped, only to find it still hasn't been shipped several days later!! At least my Soom delivery is on it's way.

I don't know about anyone else, but I would rather be told in the first instance that delivery times have been extended to however many months, or that they are a certain amount of weeks behind because they have been inundated with unexpected orders, than to be told "stories" only to be horribly disappointed time and time again.

The other thing that annoys the crap out of me, is when Q&A's and emails go unanswered for days on end. I'm sure if they were answered honestly in a timely manner, the companies wouldn't receive so many, therefore saving the company valuable production time.

All runarounds do for me, is put me off ever ordering from the company ever again. Still, in saying that, we have two days left in this current week, so at least one may turn up yet (says she, full of hope and with everything crossed). But, I will probably get Soom Monday, and God only knows what's happening with my Supia delivery.

I think in future I will be sticking with the companies that stick to the dates they give me and answer my questions in a reasonable time, like Fairyland, Iplehouse and Luts do. These compnies have never let me down, and have either shipped right on time or before the due date.


  1. That sucks!! somehow I can't bebothered all that much when it happens to me. but I do think they should be upfront and honest about it and say the truth. We don't bite (most of us, anyways).

    Supia has been really slow with their Q&A for months now, and I would be pissed if I had an important question to go unanswered for weeks. Their dolls are worth the trouble though, in my opinion.

    Good luck with the deliveries!

    1. Thanks for being empathetic Alejandra. I know we all hate waiting, but as long as we know exactly how long the wait is going to be before we order, it's not a problem. The problems only arise when those "little white lies" come into being, after all no one likes being lied to about anything. For me it's the quickest way for anyone to pull my string, it's probably my worst pet hate!!

      It's a shame that Supia haven't addressed this before now, because I do like their sculpts and would have been happy to order more dolls from them if I hadn't been given the run around over this doll.

      But now I will stick with those who can honour their promises, in the meantime I'll just hope both dolls will arrive next week.
      Big Hugs,

  2. I do feel your pain with this. I found Withdoll to be the same when I ordered my (now sold) Fenrir from them a while back. The estimated timeframe at that point was listed as 4 weeks but in fact, it took more like 8 weeks and when I contacted them at 5 weeks, I was told the doll would ship the following week which never happened. They kept telling me this each time I inquired when the shipping timeframe had come and gone.

    I am in agreement with you. I would rather a company tell me honestly that it would take maybe another 4-8 weeks than to keep stringing me along. I don't mind the wait, it's just a matter of principal and honesty.

    1. Hi Alasse,
      So good to hear from you. Well I am pleased to say, both dolls have arrived. But it is a pity that these companies don't realise that the truth is appreciated far more than the lies. It seems to becoming quite a problem with many of the companies, I've seen quite a few posts on DoA complaining about exactly the same thing now. Still the old saying "once bitten twice shy" certainly comes into play here...they won't receive any more orders from me.