Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sewing for iMDA 3.0

I'm trying to gauge a good length for dresses I am making for iMDA 3.0.

What do you think looks best? The length the dress is now with the bloomers showing, or do you think it should cover the bloomers?

If I leave it with the bloomers showing, do you think they should be white as they are now or pale lemon to match the bodice?

Perhaps I should add a frilly underskirt?

I'm open to suggestions.

P.S. Colette and Hanna have arrived.


  1. I think this lenght makes the dress cuter!! though I'm not a fan of bloomers all that much to be honest, but that's just because none of my dolls wears them, since I prefer modern clothes. In that case I prefer the longer dresses, but I like how cute these one looks x)

    1. Thanks Alejandra. I really want something pretty and cute for my sisters, they are both young kids, so this style would definitely not be appropriate for teenagers and older dolls.