Saturday, June 16, 2018

Thinking of You

Still really busy, but I had to drop by to tell you I miss you and I will catch up with you all eventually.

Making a bright day even brighter,
Making a glad heart even lighter,
Chasing all cares and worries away -
Friends can do that any day!
Author - David Hope

Remember to give someone a hug and tell them you love them today . . . you may never have the opportunity to do so tomorrow.

Have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. Summer time is very busy. I hope you finally find time to catch a breath :)
    Hugs :*

  2. We miss you too Sandy and look forward to seeing you blogging more when you aren't so busy with so much on your plate.
    That is a great little poem and sweet painting to go with it above. Enjoy your weekend and come back soon!

  3. Hey Xanadu, it's always nice to see a post from you, it's a happy and positive one and makes me smile :-). Take care and enjoy your Sunday! Big hugs!!!

  4. Hugs to you Xanadu! Good to see you around even if it's just to say a quick hello. You always come up with some lovely reminders for everyday life. Enjoy your break and take as long as you need.

  5. Hello there! Wonderful poem! Sending hugs, positive thoughts and some warm sunshine your way! Enjoy the new week and see you soon, through a new blog post!