Keeping Wall Art in 1:6 Scale

When selecting wall art for your diorama, size is nearly as important as the composition of the piece. An improperly sized picture can either overwhelm a room or allow the room to overwhelm it, neither of which is aesthetically pleasing.

Tall, narrow walls will work best with art of a similar shape, created in a portrait, or vertical orientation, while horizontal wall spaces like a hallway, work best with landscape oriented artwork. 

As a general rule, for a wall with no furniture the art (including the frame width if it has one) should take up approx. 66% of the space. This will prevent it from looking lost and allow the remaining area of wall to frame the piece nicely.

When hanging over furniture like a sofa, table, etc. the art should be 75% the width of the furniture. Over the fireplace mantle, it's best not to extend wider than the width of the fireplace opening.

To determine what the height of a piece to choose for a bare wall, keep in mind it should be hung with the center point at the eye-level of your doll . . . don't hang it too high or too low!

If you find several pieces within the same color palette or story which you particularly like, or to display your own mini photography in frames, you can group together those which are all the same size, or create real visual interest by grouping together pieces of varying sizes.

Music is the story behind this gallery composition.

If you choose to do a gallery wall, lay the pieces out on the floor first, allowing the same separation between each one, then measure the total groupings height and width and make sure it follows the same guidelines above for filling up your space.

NOTE: All photos were sourced from Pinterest.


  1. These are pretty good tips for anyone hanging pictures in a real life house too. The last tip is also a good way to check the grouping is aesthetically pleasing.

  2. Lovely tips. It is so important for the eye to have the aesthetics okay and that it is pleasing. Even when it comes to colors and sizes.

  3. Good tips for both human and 1/6 size. I've always just gone by eye, although the BTEG family has never had a lot of pictures on the walls.

  4. I didn't know there were rules for this, but it makes sense of course, for proportions. It's great to know for doll dioramas, but also for real living spaces, I will definitely keep these tips in mind when we have finished redecorating our real life living and dining room! Have a wonderful weekend, big hugs back!

  5. Great tips, not only for dioramas, but for real-life scale too :). And the examples you showed looks really nice, I like the musical one.

  6. It never occurred to me to measure art - I usually rely on my gut feeling. But of course there are things like golden ratio, and I sometimes have the impression that some people forget that white space is a "design medium" as important as the actual picture. Measuring and calculating is certainly a way to find a solution if you are unsure.

  7. Great tips. I never bother thinking about placement when it comes to art. I just stick them where I think they will look good. Not sure I will remember every tip but thank you for sharing.

  8. Excellent tips!! And all of them so true, having a correct scale and placement is essential!


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