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Hi, welcome to my world! My online name is Xanadu and I respond to comments with a kiss.

I'm happily married, mother to Coco, a collector of fancies and the author of Xanadu's Dolls. According to hubby, I'm slightly weird (he just doesn't understand the "doll thing"), with a warped sense of humour, though I prefer to think of myself as an eccentric dreamer, with eclectic interests.

Since I was a child, I’ve enjoyed creating things with my hands. I love drawing, designing, sewing and knitting. There is something really satisfying about handling the textiles and raw materials that help me create. Turning them into something pretty for a doll to wear, is a bit like being a fashion designer in miniature.

To be totally honest, I simply love everything about making things! Now retired, with finally enough time to devote to doing what I enjoy, I spend much of it either knitting, sewing, photographing dolls, building dioramas, writing this blog or short dolly stories.

Initially I intended writing this blog to showcase my ball jointed dolls and the clothes they inspire me to make. However, after collecting some eighty odd BJD's, I inadvertently discovered play dolls, and then fashion dolls, so it now encompasses many of them too, as well as shopping finds, the odd bit of poetry and other insignificant ramblings.

I do hope you enjoy your visit and come back often. Please feel free to leave a comment before you leave.
Xanadu X

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