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Our January Adventure

The girls and I recently joined the "Adventurer's Club" over at Heather's blog. The girls were really keen, but I don't usually participate in these type of things, as it takes total commitment and I'm not really good at that. I'm more of an impulse kinda gal, but as it was only once a month and it was a good way to challenge my photography skills, I figured I could handle it without feeling any pressure.
As the first theme for the month of January was "Weather" and knowing how so many of my blogging friends are suffering the worst kinda winter this year, we decided to share a little warmth and some of our Aussie sunshine. :)

Choosing Hair

My long awaited MiniFee Celine arrived today at lunchtime and I have been trying different wigs on her to see what suits her best.

I settled on the one below for the time being, but I am still unsure if it will stay or go. I have enough trouble deciding my own hairstyle, so this is no easy task for me!

 I guess she will tell me in her own good time, the dolls usually do. In the meantime, I'd certainly be interested in hearing your opinions on which one you think suits her best.

The Tea Party

Today, the girls decided to celebrate the arrival of a new dining suite by having a little tea party.

Storage Solution

For quite some time now I have been unhappy with my wardrobe and for a couple of different reasons.

The first being the doors; they go right from floor to ceiling, are quite heavy and take up far too much space in my room when I have to open them. I also have a small bedroom chair next to my chest of drawers, and it means having to move it out of the way every time I open the right hand side door.

Secondly, there has been a waste of storage space and it often became untidy with shoes on the floor . . . so without further ado, it was off to IKEA for hubby and I!

My dearest soon got to work, taking off the doors, gutting the inside and cutting the carpet out where the new robe insert was to go.

Then it was assembly time . . . and after lots of screwing, banging and a little cursing, the whole insert was in place.

To be completely honest it took me longer to sort out the clothes, shoes and bags I was going to keep, than it took hubby to assemble the whole wardrobe!

Then it was time to fi…

Stepping Out

Lonnie recently received an invitation to attend a Charity Ball and according to her, she had "nothing suitable to wear". Whatever am I going to do with all these girls of mine? They will have me tied to my drawing board and sewing machine until I drop!!
As it is in this household, it's never just one outfit that's required . . . Antoinette insisted she needed a "special dress" for an occasion too! I asked her, "What occasion?" and she didn't have an answer to that, but I am sure she will come up with something sooner or later. :)
So, after a few quick sketches and selection of the appropriate laces and trims, we settled on their designs and these are the results of several days work.

Antoinette's outfit consists of floor length diamond tulle underskirt with lace trim at the hemline, then a peach embroidered black tulle overskirt and separate bodice. She also has a matching hair band which ties at the nape.
Lonnie's skirt is also two …

Hershey's New Puppy

Hershey has been nagging me for a puppy ever since our neighbours got one. Last week I finally gave in to her pleading and bought a little one just for her. She is so excited and pleased with him, he follows her everywhere and she plays with him all the time.

She tells me he is so lovely and soft to cuddle and he is so obedient that he does everything she tells him to do. It's a pity Hershey doesn't do the same for me. I have told her not to allow him on the bed, but every evening when I stop by her room to say goodnight, the two of them are snuggled up together, fast asleep in her bed..

For the last few days, Hershey has been browsing through my Baby Names book looking for just the right name for him, but she has been unable to find one that is suitable.

This morning, she asked me, "Do you think your readers might help me to come up with a name for him Mummy?". What do you think readers, could you, would you suggest a name for Hershey's new puppy? I'm sure…

Antoinette - My Perfect Model

Today I tried out a new hairstyle on Antoinette and was quite surprised how different it made her look. I thought this was also the perfect time to ask her to model a couple of new items I had made for my Etsy boutique. I loved her so much in the striped dress, I decided to let her keep it, after all a girl can never have too many pretty dresses in their wardrobe, can they?

Now my dilema is . . . what to sew next!

When is a Chocolate not a Chocolate?

When it's Cadbury, Hershey and Lindt!!

Told You Sew

I'm a Hopeless Case

Here it is just a few hours into the new year and I have already added two more sweeties to my "Wish List", I just can't help myself . . . thank heavens my Blythe dolls are selling!!
I have been wanting a boy for some time and it seems Choco is it. I just couldn't pass up this face, he has such a gorgeous pout I just wanna kiss him.
Then I saw Rose and it was love at first sight! I am hoping that Fairyland bring her out as a basic, because as much as I love the Steampunk look they have given her, I would rather tackle a Steampunk design of my own.

3rd Jan P.S. I have just ordered Choco from DD...YAY!! Now the 12 week wait begins. :)