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New Look for Ivory

On Saturday, my friend Carol and I went to a doll show where I was lucky enough to score four new wigs. Two will be used for my incoming iMdas, this one for Ivory (Elin) and the other for my Sophia (Anne). I am pleased with how it looks on her, it's much better than the one I had on her beforehand.

I had previously purchased the pair of yellow shoes she is wearing from QMagic on Etsy and decided yesterday to make her a dress that would match. She is wearing pale lemon bloomers underneath and I will probably add an underskirt at a later date, but she will do for now. Here's a rather grainy close up.

Tutorial: Easy Summer Dress

Many years ago I used to make these little dresses for my daughters, so it wasn't difficult for me to make them to fit dolls. It's a simple little dress that even a novice could make themselves and I figured it was time to share.

Before we begin, there are two things I consider an asset when sewing is (a) an iron for pressing as I go and (b) thread to match fabric. (I'm using white for this tutorial in the hope you will see it.)

This dolly dress makes up best when using finer fabrics, like Tana lawn and Japanese cotton, and the latter is what I have chosen.

The measurements for this dress are easy to measure for any size. Determine the finished length you want by measuring your doll from shoulder to knee or where you would like the hem to be.

For my LittleFee it was 12cm, then you must allow for the casing (the size of the casing will depend on the width of the ribbon you use. I'm using 6mm ribbon so I allow another 1.5cm) and hem (another 2.5cm) giving you a total of …

Tutorial: Backdrops

As you know, I tend to use backdrops quite a lot when photographing my BJD's. I find them very useful, especially when the weather isn't it's best and having the ability to sit on a chair to photograph my dolls at eyelevel instead of getting down on the ground is definitely an advantage to someone of my age!

I generally use a clothes rack behind my kitchen table (but a card table works just as well). Then I pop the top of the backdrop over the clothes rack and hold it in place on the bar with Bluetac and lay the remaining backdrop on the table.

However, today I am using my bookcase behind my ironing board!

As you can see, there's nothing fancy used here, I try and keep things as simple as I can and use things I have on hand.

The rack folds up out of the way when I'm not using it and the backdrops are rolled up together and stored in a PVC tube (we had some left after bathroom renovations).

WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T FOLD THEM. You can iron them on the back side if …

200th Post

I can hardly believe I've been blogging about dolls for a little over two years, with just the occasional slice of downtime to enjoy holidays and complete our renovations.

When I first launched my blog, I wasn't too sure which direction it would take and whether I would just post about my dolls or add some personal stuff and I am sure my friend Diane was the only one who actually bothered to read it.

I had little interest in other social media, and even now I avoid Facebook like the plague. So it's just my blog and the rare visit to Flickr, but I do enjoy writing, I guess to some extent it's rather like talking to yourself and I am quite used to that, seeing as hubby has had a bad case of "man ears" for years!

However, in saying that it would be nice to nurture more interest in this blog. So if you’ve found the occasional tutorial helpful, my waffle or photos interesting, please share my blog address with a friend.

More importantly, please feel free to ask…

The Boys New Clothes

It's been a busy time around here of late. The entertainment room is finally finished and all the furniture has been returned to it's rightful place. I am so pleased with the floor, the country oak planks look fabulous, they were so easy to lay (thank heavens) and we're glad we decided to paint the walls and complete the panelling first.

I have been knitting in the evening and sewing every spare minute during the day as I had a few custom orders that needed to be completed quickly. Now those garments are all on their way to respective clients, I am able to enjoy a little dolly time myself. I had placed a rather extravagant clothes order with Iplehouse and it's arrived, so I've managed to dress the boys in clothes that were more befitting lads of their age. (It was just as well Iplehouse had so many available at great discounts, otherwise I would have blown my budget completely.)

Yesterday, hubby and I took some well earned R&R and went to see "The Second…