Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Julian AKA Legolas

Well finally my elf boy Julian arrived from Doll Family. I have to put his eyes in and give him a face up which I am quite daunted by and excited about at the same time. I have done many face ups on Blythe dolls, however, this will be my first venture into BJD's and I'm unsure how the pastels will take on the resin. Still I find it does me good to experiment and it will be a good experience I'm sure.

It took me ages to get him all unwrapped, there was so many layers of bubble wrap, not just on the box but on all his joints and around his head and ears...which is probably just as well as his elf ears really stick out quite a bit!!

I already have his wig which I will have to braid and style, and two pairs of boots. He will, with any luck, undergo metamorphosis to become my own interpretation of Legolas from Lord of the rings when he is finished. I have two costumes planned for him, one in silver satin brocade, the other in green and brown ultrasuede.

If you would like to see his complete unveiling click here.

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