Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weekly Update

This morning hubby and I attended a planting at the park across the road from where we live. It's not something either of us have done before, but it's a lovely park which we use daily to walk Coco, so we thought we would do our part. Though we didn't really have a great deal to do, because our local Council gardeners had already dug the holes for us to plant the grasses and groundcover, so we were home for lunch. However, it was nice to see so many of the multi cultural mix of people from our neighbourhood attending the planting and to watch the children enjoy themselves.
Just lately I've been thinking about all the fabric and threads I have just sitting here doing nothing. There are so many, I will never use them in my life time. So for the past few days I  have been busy making a new Etsy Store to sell them on to people who can put them to good use.
All the fabrics are like new, many of them have very cute designs on them, but are too large for what I'm currently working on. Others are fabrics not suitable for the dolls clothes I make.
The threads have never been used and are still in the boxes they came in, though people may purchase them by the reel. Gutermann threads are made in Germany and are really strong, so they are perfect for crafty people, especially those making teddy bears or felt softies.
I am offering a Grand Opening discount of 10% for purchases over $10. Just type this code "OPENING2015" in at the checkout to receive it.
Please stop by and add me to your favourites, so you can keep up with the new items I will be adding over the coming weeks, you may just find something you really like.
On the doll and sewing front, it's been a little quiet mainly because I have been waiting on boots to arrive from MoriTime. Unfortunately, it looks like they are lost. She has promised to send them again this coming week and will make a claim for reimbursement from Hong Kong Post. However, it's put me way behind on sewing my steampunk outfits as I need to know how far up the leg the boots are going to sit before I can complete drafting my pattern!
Well that's about it my lovelies, I will be back posting dolly stuff shortly. :)


  1. Oh! I'm sorry to hear your boots are lost, but I'm sure MoriTime will re send soon. I once bought a wig from her store (the 2 braids wig Serafina wears) and I really liked her etsy.
    Also, good luck with your sales!! Since I'm not very crafty myself, I doubt I will join the opening sale, but I wish you success with it!
    The planting event sounds like a nice way to spend the morning as well, I'm glad you two enjoyed it :)

    1. Hi Alejandra,
      I hope she sends them soon, i'm becoming quite anxious to start sewing these outfits before I lose my enthusiasm.
      Not sure how the new store will go, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. :)
      It was a plesant morning, even the sun came out, which was a blessing in itself!
      Hope things are well with you, hugs,

  2. I've always wanted to participate in one of those but I never know when our local council does one of those plantings.

    I have this problem too with fabric. I went and bought a bunch of fat quarters to do some sewing but never ended up using them. I should look at doing that. I've been wanting to make myself one of those 3-tier skirts in forever. I have a pattern for it and everything but just never seem to get around to doing one.

    Fingers crossed the boots get to you the second time around safe and sound.

    1. Hi Alasse,
      Usually the councils sent a notice to the Ratepayer to let them know, at least that's what ours does.
      I don't think the first ones will ever turn up now, it's been weeks and weeks since it was posted and it usually only takes about 10 days at the very outside to reach me from HK. I am just disappointed she didn't make an effort to re-send them straight away when I told her how urgently I needed them. I'm going to get back on to her today, but it's put me off purchasing from her again.
      You really should have a go at the skirt, I'm sure once you take the plunge with sewing you'll really love it. :)

  3. Hello Sandy,
    You certainly have some lovely items in your Etsy shop. I will keep an eye on your offerings. I do hope the boots get there soon so you can go forward.
    Big hug,