Monday, February 29, 2016

In Need of Organisation Skills

I really like all of the planning and speculation that comes along with the start of a new year - 365 clean, white squares on the calendar expectantly waiting to be filled with exciting things! The start of a new year feels like a good time to try and put one's own little world right and I suppose that's why so many of us make new years resolutions. However, I didn't make any this year and it's just as well, as we are already to begin March and I still haven't organised myself properly.

I can't seem to find the right groove! This past week I had good intentions, but I've still not managed to finish all I had planned. I tend to change my direction midstream far too often and that might have bearing on the state of my work table . . .

. . . it's a jumble of patterns, fabric, lace and all sorts of odds and sods - in short it's one big mess (I am not one of the world's naturally tidy people). The trouble with working on a whim, is that I forget what I was doing last on a particular item and where I put the lace to finish it! I have some sorting out to do and then hopefully, I'll be on track to finish off some of these projects before the end of next week.

I am also suffering from those ghastly dolly spending withdrawal symptoms.

I would like to order Ah-ra (KID) from Iplehouse (on the right), as a younger sibling for Hanako (my Minisup Hanna), but I'm having a hard time justifying spending the extra 40% to cover the current exchange rates between the AUD and the USD.

We had alovely weekend, Saturday was fairly busy, but yesterday we chilled out by having lunch at the Bentleigh Club and listening tothe Groovin' Easy Orchestra in the afternoon. We also added more inches to our waistline by eating huge freshly baked scones with delicious strawberry jam and whipped cream, while theband played and others danced. :)How was your weekend?

P.S. Just in case anyone is interested, I have just drastically reduced all the things in the CLEARANCE section of my Etsy store.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Morning Walk

Cadbury received some new winter clothes yesterday, all in her very favourite colour. So this morning it came as not surprise, that she had dressed in herself in them.

Raven thought it would be nice for her to accompany him for a walk in the snow.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Grand Opening

Welcome one and all to the Grand Opening Celebrations of

It has only been in the pipeline for a short time, so we will only be designing for tiny dolls at present. Though depending on the response received that could change in the long term. Please pop on over and check out what's on offer. If you like what you see, I would appreciate it greatly, if you would please share a link with your friends to help me get the store of the ground.

As you can see by this lot, they have been partying for quite some time. They were thrilled to hear that they would be getting lovely new bedding for their rooms. Biscotti and Lindt look like they've had their fill, while BonBon and Cookie are concerned about all this wild behaviour. I don't know who polished off the magnum that Truffles is sitting on, but Darjeeling sure is enjoying the Champagne!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Don't you just love getting surprise packages in the mail?
I do, and I received one today! Lucky me!!
The box looked special from the outside, just like a Christmas or Birthday present. :)

And when I opened it, there was a lovely handmade card sitting right on top of some pretty pieces of golden yellow and red floral fabric. I thought these very appropriate colours for the Chinese New Year!

Red symbolizes good fortune and joy in Chinese culture and it is found everywhere during the Chinese New Year and other family holidays or gatherings. Red is also the colour representing good luck, joy and happiness.
Yellow/Gold  is considered the most beautiful colour, it symbolizes neutrality and good luck. It  also represents freedom from worldly cares and is thus esteemed in Buddhism; Monks garments are yellow, as are elements of Buddhist temples.

Underneath the fabric, were lots of carefully wrapped packages.

Inside those packages were these . . .

. . . aren't they just the cutest wee things? I love them and they will make perfect props for my tiny dolls to play with. Though the Petite Nendoroid, Leon Magnus with his perfect, very serious expression and sword drawn, may well stay sitting on my desk as he is at present.

Thank you so much Alasse for your thoughtfulness and kindness.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Exploring the Japanese Gardens

This week the weather has been fine, so Emmaline and her big sister Lonnie have taken a day trip on the bus, to visit the Japanese Gardens, which are in the next village.

Emma: I think we ought to go this way, see there's a Cherry blossom tree.
Lonnie: No we are going to the Tea Room, it's this way. Now take my hand and hold that ball tightly.

Emma: Ooops! I dropped it.
Lonnie: I do wish you would be more careful Emma. You're lucky it didn't roll all the way down this hill. Honestly, I don't know why you brought that soccer ball with you!

Emma: Don't worry Lonnie, I'll pick it up.

Lonnie: Well hurry up then, or we will miss the Tea Ceremony.
Emma: Okay, okay, gosh you are being an old bossy boots today!

~ oOo ~

I shan't be around much this week as hubby and I have plans. Don't worry though, like Douglas MacArthur, I shall return! Hope you have a good one!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hershey's New Bike

Emma looked out her window, the sun was shining and the birds were singing in the trees. "Oh what a perfect day", she thought to herself. She quickly bathed and dressed, then ran out into the sunshine.

As she entered the lane outside her house, she heard the sound of a motor bike. She turned, looked up the lane and saw Hershey.

Emma: Good morning Hershey, I didn't know you had a motor bike.
Hershey: It only arrived yesterday, but I wasn't allowed to ride it until it had the trainer wheels attached. Mummy was very concerned I would loose my balance.

Emma: Well, you look like you are doing okay if you managed to ride all the way down Oak Tree Lane. It's quite a distance from the Elvin Forest to our house.
Hershey: I didn't intend to ride so far, but the bike travels really fast, so I was here before I knew it.

While they were chatting, Cookie arrived looking rather puffed and red in the face.

Emma: Hello there Cookie, where are you off to in such a hurry?
Cookie: I have been trying to catch up with Hershey, but she was too fast for me, no matter how hard I peddled, I couldn't catch up.
Hershey: That's because my bike has a motor, and motors have lots of power, which gives them speed. Anyway, why have you been trying to catch up with me?
Cookie: To ask you to come to a party. You are invited too Emma, it's going to be a big celebration. Will you come?
Emma and Hershey: Oh yes, parties are fun.

The three went on chatting about what they were going to wear to this big celebration.

More details on the party later . . . in the meantime . . . I hope you enjoy your day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review: Dollsbe Pomegranate

A few days ago Musume asked me to do a review of my new arrival. Not having done one before, I'll tell it as I see it. Firstly she arrived really well packed, but we had a slight mishap with one of her feet. I contacted YG immediately and to cut a long story short he shipped a replacement straight away via EMS . . . and not just the foot that needed to be replaced. I actually received TWO PAIRS of feet and one lovely little froggy hat which was modelled in the previous post.

I have very little patience when it comes to posing, but she poses really well, these photos are all posed on a backdrop draped over my ironing board and we all know how unstable they can be. :)

She sits easily crossed legged or straight up.

Her arms sit where you place them which is handy in case she sneezes or yawns! She also holds things nicely in her hands, can brush her hair out of her eyes and wave!

She does the splits without her hands touching the floor too!

She came with her eyes in place, a pair of undies and this little slip. The wig she is wearing I purchased from YG and it fits exceptionally well, though I need to give it a little brush, as I have messed it up trying on clothes. She also came with the two pairs of hands below.

All seams were perfectly smooth, though on really close inspection I could just see them. Her default face-up is lovely, her joints move really well and her head stays in place nicely, and exactly where it's placed.

To sum up, I am extremely happy with this doll and YG's service. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dollsbe (Dolls Be With You) and am happily looking forward to purchasing from YG again in the near future.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Meeting

It was a cold day and there was snow still laying on the ground outside, but Emmaline decided to dare the cold to go play in the park. It wasn't long before she met Finch who was taking his dog for a ride in his go-cart.

Emmaline: Hello Finch, do you want to play ball?

Finch: Not today Emma, Gilbert has been inside far too long, so I am taking him for a ride to get him out of the house..

Emmaline: Is Gilbert sick?
Finch: No he's just lazy and likes to sleep in front of the fire all day.

Emmaline: Well shouldn't you make him walk and get some exercise then?
Finch: Yes, but when I put him on the lead he just sits down on the snow and doesn't move. Of course, then he ends up getting a wet behind.
Emmaline: Oh dear, what a conundrum.

She gently gave Gilbert a little shake.

Emmaline: Come on Gilbert, wake up you old sleepy head, come and play ball!

But Gilbert didn't move a muscle, he just lay there in the cart snoring.


Hope you are all having a great day!

Monday, February 08, 2016

Isn't He a Little Heart Throb?

After reading some recent blog posts from fellow bloggers, I found myself intrigued by these little Nendoroids. Anna and Elsa really caught my eye, so I went browsing and low and behold I found this little chap.

Nendoroid Touken Ranbu Online: Tsurumaru Kuninaga

Isn't he just the cutest? I haven't looked at any Japanese Anime for a long, long time and don't follow all the different series like my younger readers, so I have no idea about him or his story, other than he is full of surprises, but perhaps some of you may enlighten me. :)

In saying that, I really like the simple combination of black, white and grey with the minute gold details of his outfit, it makes me truly appreciate this tiny fellow as a work of art. Some how I think this little fellow may just pop into the cart with Anna and Elsa.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Caught Again!

It was a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne today, so hubby and I decided to go out for lunch. On  the way back we called into IKEA to pick up a new pillow. Well as most of you who have been to IKEA already know, it's very difficult to leave there with just one purchase. :)

Going through the children's section is always a trap, this time I was caught by the "Spexa" room book. If you haven't seen one yet then it's time for an IKEA visit.

This is just one section . . . the cover. I will post more pics down the track of the inner sections. My only complaint is it's high gloss, but it hasn't come up too badly in these pics. What do you think girls? I didn't think it was a bad purchase for AU$9.99.

The table and chair is from IKEA too and the food is from a pack of tiny erasers.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Slippers Please!

After I had scolded Pippin and Ancelina for running around with bare feet this morning, they promptly reminded me they need slippers to wear while playing indoors.

You may have noticed (or maybe not) Pippin has a new wig. Not sure it will be permanent yet.

In case you're wondering, I made the hooded PJ's to keep them warm.

Hope you are all enjoying your week and having plenty of dolly time!

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Emmaline Settles In

Well it's all organised now, I didn't really want YG to go to the expense of sending a whole new doll and finally convinced him to just send her foot. Her new foot will be on it's way shortly. As you can see, it hasn't held her back at all, she is settling in quite well and can still be photographed successfully.

Emmaline (Emma for short) poses exceptionally well, and I love the eye mechanism. Even without her left foot and having quite loose elastic through her bottom limbs, she was easy to position for these photos. :)

I can see Emma becoming a very big favourite to play with. So all she needs now is a sister, so who will I choose? Will it be . . . Carrot, Mango or Paprika? Decisions, decisions!!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Pomegranate Arrived

I was so excited to receive my Be With You Pomegranate today, and as I opened the shipping box I was greeted with this little cardboard suitcase. Inside, beautifully wrapped was a brown fury sleeping bag, a manual with the certificate on the back page, the wig I ordered, some little cards and much to my surprise a packet of Korean noodles!! LOL!

It was unfortunate that when I took her out the sleeping bag and while removing the wrapping from her limbs, her foot fell off. The little pin that was inside the foot had completely come out and her elastic along with the hook and the pin was lodged inside her limb.

I had been taking photos as I went, and quickly emailed YG. He was most apologetic and promised to send a replacement doll, I assured him I would be just as happy with a foot replacement. I think her face is simply gorgeous, the face up is so soft and natural and when you look closely you can see her tiny wee teeth.

She was dressed in a white petticoat and undies. I have named her Emmaline and now I am going to dress her in some finery, she deserves it the poor footless little darling.