Saturday, January 07, 2017

Storage Box Makeover (Part 1)

Firstly, using my ruler and pencil, I carefully measured and marked where I wanted the little brass knobs to go . . . first the centre and then 35mm up from the bottom of each drawer, which left enough room above the handles for the brass name card holders to be placed.

You may be wondering why I placed the knobs so low. For two reasons, (a) this would be a better position to hold the drawer once it had items inside, and (b) to allow ease of placing the name cards into the holders.

Next I drilled the holes in each drawer, making sure I held the drill perfectly vertical . . . I didn't want my knobs being attached crooked. After all there is nothing so terrible as a crooked knob!!

The drill I am using is a single speed cordless screwdriver/drill for general screw driving or simple drilling work, available from IKEA. It's called FIXA and comes in a neat little pack with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 10 screwdriver bits, 2 drills of dia. 3 and 5 mm and 1 bit holder included for $39.99.

The testing stage . . . I had to make sure they were all aligned nicely before I begin to paint.

I actually surprised myself, they were all where they were meant to be . . . and this was all without any help from hubby!!

(She takes a bow and pats herself on the back.)

I shan't be painting today, it's too darn hot! So until the next stage, I'm gonna sit in my armchair, with my feet up and do a little knitting.


  1. It's looking good. I wouldn't have been able to do all that without hubby's help. I'm pretty useless when it comes to power tools. You did great by getting it done alone!

    Those small drawers are pretty handy to store things in. I use one of those big trolley drawers that you can get from K-Mart and are similar to the ones used by hairdressers to store all my sewing/craft stuff in.

  2. Off to a very good start! I look forward to seeing the next stages :)

  3. It's looking great!!! And congrats on your tool management and making the knobs fit perfectly!! I'm still scared of the tool box and never handled a drill haha, I truly admire you!

  4. Looking great so far!! You really can handle the drill, I'm like Fantasywoods, scared as hell of it xD

  5. This project looks great :D the use of electrical tools scares me a bit ;_; you did such a good job on the placing of the tools and knobs!

  6. Great work! And ain't using tools so much fun?


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