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Fashion Shoot

I don't often change the clothes on my dolls, once I have made an outfit for them, they usually stay in it. However, this year I plan to do a little more purchasing of clothes and less making, to give myself a chance of sewing something different. 

If you remember, I recently posted a photo of Sophia and Claudia in some of the clothes I received from Jacqueline (Poinsettia04). Here are the rest, that came in my second order yesterday and as you can see, the YoSD size fits them all quite well.

Claudia (Iplehouse BID Bonnie) is wearing her new spotted pants to match her top, Angelique (LitttleFee Luna) is wearing a new top and pants, and sporting a new wig to boot, then we have Gina (Honey Delf Lolly) sitting on her bike in a new mint set comprising shorts, top, hat and socks, and lastly Sophia (Iplehouse BID Anne) in the same outfit as previously shown.
The sneakers are from Eva at evali905 and the lime shoes are from Coolcat.


Do you have a pet? We do, he's a Shih Tzu x Poodle and he's very smart. Today, for a little light relief from dolls, I thought I'd share some photos of our boy, just being himself.

Here he is enjoying a run round our property at Beechworth.

Swimming in our waterhole.

At home, playing a concerto.

Opening his presents at Christmas time.

Singing Christmas carols.

Begging for a biscuit.

Bringing in his brush for grooming.

Enjoying the grooming.

And about to have his bath.
Hope you enjoyed meeting our little bundle of fluff.

Early Morning Walk

Darjeeling and Lady Grey took their puppy for a little walk this morning.

Not really pleased with the way LG's wig looks on her, so I removed the bun.

Better, but I am actually thinking I may change it to something softer around her tiny face. Perhaps a curly bob, or soft waves. What do you think?
Diorama Update

I covered the back wall with a spotted pale blue scrapbooking paper and added deeper plain blue feature walls either side. The panelling under the frieze is also paper.

Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

Two of my Tuscan Tots received new clothes this week, from the lovely Jacqueline at Poinsettia04. As a sewer myself, I was very impressed with the quality of her garments and pleased to see she uses press studs instead of that awful Velcro. It has a terrible habit of catching on the wigs and I cannot abide it!
Of course it wasn't long before they had them on and were out to play.

Claudia:Let's have some fun with these.
I'll just hop in the bin and you can push me down the hill.

Sophia:I think it might be safer if we use the shopping trolley.
Woops! Over she went!!

Sophia:Are you okay, you didn't hurt yourself did you? Ah, there's a little scratch on your cheek.

Claudia:Nothing's broken though. Sophia:Here, I'd better and give you a hug, just in case.

Feeling Sad

So very sad to hear of the death of Alan Rickman, one of my all time favourite actors. I adored him as Professor Severus Snape in the "Harry Potter" films and as the "Die Hard" villain Hans Gruber.

I was only speaking of him just the other day and this news came as a huge surprise. There are only a handful of people in the film industry I have admired as much as he, and am sorry to see this talented Shakespearian actor leave us at such a young age.

New Arrival

Not really brand new, but a new addition to my family. He's a pre-loved doll who once belonged to Sim, a fellow BJD enthusiast. Every time I saw her Bory at a doll meet, the green eyed monster came to life. I asked that if she ever decided to sell him, to let me have first dibs.

Finally today, Sim allowed me to purchase him and bring him home. He is a Luts Kid Delf Moonlit Song Bory Centaur (human head), with default face up and full body blushing. He does have the gold tail and back piece to match his gold hooves, however, I shall not be using them as I like the tail that Sim made for him.

He is Theron, my Ipotane King, partner to Ondine (a Guardian Water Sprite) and father to Princess Hera, my Tiny Delf centaur.

Floor Coverings & Quilt

I have added a couple more pieces to the diorama. I looked at all the wooden floors but wanted to add more bright colours to the room. So it was off to Spotlight yesterday, for a little poke around. There I found a red placemat, which looked like it would be perfect for the job I had in mind. When laid flat on the floor it looks like tiles.

I also cut the square mat that came with the set to a round, then added the edging. I had plenty of fabrics in my stash, so I made a little patchwork quilt as well.

Also needed something for the walls, so after a little internet browsing, I came across this circus train, which picks up the colours and makes a perfect frieze.
Just a window and some finishing touches will complete the room.

RealFee Body Swap

Periwinklestars (DOA) wanted to see the pink resin / clear pink combination, so I decided to do a little swapping about with my RealFee bodies and try some different poses with the mermaid tail.

This next photo is how they were ordered initially, the NS was a full set, the Pink and Tan without face ups are wearing clothes made by me.

Linen for My Diorama

I finished making the mattress, doona (duvet/continental quilt) and sheet set for the bed yesterday.

I used some wool batting measured and cut to fit inside the bed, several layers thick and just tacked together to form the mattress base, then I covered it with the stripe fabric. The doona cover I made like a pillow case so it can be taken off and changed and I inserted a single layer of batting inside the cover.
The batting was left over from a quilt I made some years ago, the fabrics and lace were all from my stash, so no cost involved here, just a little sewing time.

Here's Dotty Dinosaur all tucked up waiting for the arrival of a tired little PukiFee.
Can you guess which PukiFee this bedroom belongs to?

Liebster Award

I was tagged the Liebster Award by Alasse from The Wayward Inn  (thank you for the tag!)

The rules:
1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog.
2. Post the award image on your blog.
3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer.
6. List these rules in your post.
7. Inform the people you chose of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog and link them your post.

My 11 Questions from Alasse:

1.What drew you to the hobby?
I used to sell Blythe doll clothing at the Melbourne Doll Market and it was there I first saw Indollgence and fell in love with a tiny bunny named Jax. I hadn't seen BJD's before and was so fascinated I began searching for them online ~ the rest of course is history!!

2. What was your first doll? Why did you choose that one?
Jax and then Fairyland's Puki Fee Ante. It was their cuteness, which kinda took me by surprise, I&#…

A Simple PukiFee Diorama

I can't quite remember who's blog it was where I read they recently purchased this little bedroom suite from Ikea, but thank you so much for the inspiration. I purchased mine last night. It's perfect for PukiFees!

Beginning with a premade box (approximately 40cm long x 30cm wide x 15cm deep) from the Reject shop, I slit the brim of the lid either end of the long side using a Stanley knife. Then taped it to one long side of the box using clear packing tape.

The inner walls and the floor of the lid were covered with card cut to size. I plan on covering the long side of the box that you can just see under the bed with something that looks like timber, but I haven't found what I am looking for yet.

I want to add a window, a shelf, make a proper mattress for the bed and sew some pretty linen. The mat turns up a little at the corners, so I may even replace or re-edge that sometime in the future.

First Order for 2016

Okay, I actually placed the order on the 28th December, but I count her as the first order for 2016. :) I don't know how many of you have seen these dolls, but they have the most wonderful faces, full of expression and when grouped together they really do look like a bunch of little kids.

Expected delivery date is around the beginning of April. I think the name Tuppence suits her and you can bet your boots she won't be the last from this artist, providing all runs smoothly. I am definitely going to need a Penny or a Ha'penny, and maybe a Shilling or a Thruppence . . . oh dear, where on earth will this end?? :)

You can see more of his YOSD sized dolls here, but I found it difficult to join the website. So I just emailed the artist directly with my order, he responded quickly and let me know via email that he had received my payment successfully. His English is not too bad, understandable and extremely courteous.

There is also a discussion group on DoA here and a waiting ro…

All Steamed Up

It was a lovely sunny day in the Elvin Forest, the wind was still and bunnies hopped about, chasing each other as if they were playing a game.
Gaea was doing her rounds making sure all was as it should be, when she came upon Nomios accompanied by two green dragons. Green dragons are the friendly ones, they have a very gentle nature and they try extremely hard not to set fire to things. 

Gaea:Good morning Nomios, what a fine pair of dragons you have there. Where are you off too this fine day?
Nomios:I'm taking the dragons for a walk in the forest, they need to let off a bit of steam.

Gaea: Let off steam? Has something or someone upset them?
Nomios: No, they ate far too much over Christmas and if they don't get rid of the belching steam . . . well you know what happens then.

Gaea:Indeed I do. I see the elder has converted her scales, they are so shiny, almost iridescent.
Nomios:Yes, she certainly has become a very fine dragon, but she will need to watch what she eats or she may have …

A New Year and A New Post

Hope everyone is looking forward to this brand new year. I'm not setting any goals this year, as no sooner have I done so in the past, they have flown out the window, leaving me feeling a little disheartened and an awful lot guilty. Now that's no way to enjoy dolly time, is it?
You may remember me mentioning, that I was waiting for some backdrops to arrive, well they did, but not until New Year's Eve. So I hope you will bear with me, while I share a couple of belated Christmas snaps of my tiny troupe from the Gingerbread House.

Bon Bon, Gum Drop and Truffles Christmas 2015.

Bon Bon loves her rocking horse. She's hanging on tightly though, as she's a little bit scared being so high off the ground.

Truffles was very pleased to receive another teddy bear. She's very proud of her bear collection, as it's grown considerably.

Dear sweet Gum Drop was overjoyed with her puppy. She asked me if she could give him a quick ride on the rocking horse.

A slightly disappo…