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An Old Tag from The Wayward Inn

1. List your current BJD family. My list of BJD's is currently sitting at 80 (they are listed here). Every year I say "no more", but I have absolutely no idea when the compulsion to purchase just one more doll" will finally dissipate. So far this year I have not been tempted by any BJD's.
2. Who is your newest doll? My newest doll isn't a BJD at all . . . she's a Vestida de Azul doll and stands just 28cm tall (3cm taller than a Little Fee, or half way between a Soom Neo Angel Region iMda 2.6 & 3.0). These little dolls are less expensive, so they don't dent my budget at all . . . and there is very little waiting time until I get my hot little pinkies on them!
3. Who is your oldest doll? Jax is my oldest (Doll Leaves 1st Anniversary Event Rabbit, Normal Skin) he arrived 4th August 2012. I had not seen a BJD before and he took me quite by surprise, he's quite a cute little bunny.
4. Your favourite doll company? This would have to be Fairyland. Thei…

On a Jet Plane

Two new sweeties flew in from abroad today.

An other Paola Reina / Las Amigas gal called Claire, and

this African Carlota from Vestida de Azul, who I have renamed Zuri Mae.
I was really pleased with both of them and I am also happy that Zuri Mae can wear the clothes I make for Little Fees. I initially chose her to be a sibling to Ella Jane, but I think size and style wise she maybe better suited to Nora (as shown below)..

I think Ella Jane maybe a little too chubby and young in the face to be an older sibling. :)

Planning Holidays

I always get the job of planning holidays, most of the time this is easy and I enjoy the whole experience. However, this time I have found it one hell of a headache . . . if anyone is planning to use Stayz to book their accommodation I suggest you read these reviewsbefore you begin!! I wish I had!

While Stayz was Australian owned, we never had a problem. Then Homeaway acquired them in 2011 and subsequently they were acquired by Expedia in November 2015. It's been a gradual downhill run ever since . . . customer's and owners alike, are fuming.

The Stayz customer service centre is run out of the Philippines and frankly my dears they just don't give a damn for the customers, nor the owners. If you check thoroughly on the internet you will find complaints from both sides.

Many of the holiday homes are family owned and operated. Some are caring, others not so, but at least while you are dealing directly with people on Aussie soil, one stands a reasonable chance of getting thing…

Cristi's New Dress

I thought you may just like to see how Cristi looks once she's been all spruced up and dressed.

I think she looks absolutely darling in this lovely dress by Carol Pringle. :)

Storage Box Makeover (Part 2)

This morning was perfect for painting, warm but not too hot, with just a wisp of breeze. That was of course until I actually started spraying!!

Nevertheless, I was determined to paint and post progress shots today.

So after carefully setting up everything in the back garden, I began by sanding the box and drawers using a fine grit sandpaper (P600).

After everything was sanded smooth, I wiped them over with a damp rag to remove any dust.

When dry, I gave all the pieces a coat of primer, followed by a single coat of enamel.

I wasn't overly pleased with the Dy-Mark paint (had never used this brand before) it felt a little grainy when it was touch dry. However, I did like the trigger design of the can, it felt good in my hand and made it much easier to use. Maybe when it's had a second coat it will look and feel better.

Should the weather be a as nice tomorrow, as it was first thing this morning, I will probably give it the second much needed coat.

Me being my usual self, I was c…

Comparing Bodies

My new gals arrived yesterday and I was quite surprised to see the actual difference in the sizes of these two darling little dolls. The D'Nenes Marieta is much chubbier than I expected her to be, but that face is so cute and I am looking forward to styling this little girl.

The quality of the doll is as I expected, but I didn't think much of the clothes she was dressed in . . . certainly not as well finished as the Paola Reina Dolls clothes. Considering I won't be using them anyway it's no great loss if I toss them!

The measurements shown above were the best I could take using a piece of string to wrap the body and then placing the string along my metal ruler . . . they will certainly do to make her clothes. :)

Storage Box Makeover (Part 1)

Firstly, using my ruler and pencil, I carefully measured and marked where I wanted the little brass knobs to go . . . first the centre and then 35mm up from the bottom of each drawer, which left enough room above the handles for the brass name card holders to be placed.

You may be wondering why I placed the knobs so low. For two reasons, (a) this would be a better position to hold the drawer once it had items inside, and (b) to allow ease of placing the name cards into the holders.

Next I drilled the holes in each drawer, making sure I held the drill perfectly vertical . . . I didn't want my knobs being attached crooked. After all there is nothing so terrible as a crooked knob!!

The drill I am using is a single speed cordless screwdriver/drill for general screw driving or simple drilling work, available from IKEA. It's called FIXA and comes in a neat little pack with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 10 screwdriver bits, 2 drills of dia. 3 and 5 mm and 1 bit holder…

A New Year, a New Day, a New Project!

A new year, is for me a time of reflection, not just about dolly stuff, but where my life path has taken me over the past year. Of course one also wonders whether there is a likelihood of any unexpected changes awaiting around the bend. I'm sure many of you are doing the same.

The new year is also when I find myself dreaming up lots of exciting new projects, all of which I have full intention of sharing with you.

However, summer is the season I adore, it's when hubby and I venture out and about more often than we aught, and we really let ourselves go! I admit, it's probably when my post writing time becomes scarce and everyone in the blogosphere gets a little neglected. So here I am, guilty as charged begging you to be patient while I finally get my act together. (To be honest, I sometimes I wonder if I ever will.)

All is not lost however, the sun was shining brightly this morning, so I thought to myself "what a perfect day for shopping". I knew hubby wanted to v…