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My New Dress (A Post by Ante)

Mummy made me a new dress and I think it's very pretty. I have new shoes too!

I also have a new tricycle, but I haven't learned how to ride it yet...I am a little scared.

This is my furry friend Rudolf, he helps Santa bring me presents at Christmas.
Mummy has ordered me some new hair, so I won't be bald for long. And I have new socks coming too, my mummy is very good to me.
She also told me I have a new big sister coming in a few months, I am so excited.

Happy Discovery

Little did I realise that Fairyland made an Ante in two different sizes until I went browsing today looking for a curly wig for my little Puki Fee Ante. I was overjoyed to find she also comes in a Little Fee size too!

Both Pink Sylph and Petite Ange are Elf and come with the little pointy ears, but Pink Macron below does not, however, all of them have that same innocence about them that my Puki Fee Ante has.
I have no idea where they get their names from, but PM looks more like Madam Pompadour to me.
Now comes the hard part . . . which one do I order? It will definitely have to be ONLY ONE as these tiny tots don't come cheap. Non of them are available complete, so I will have to decide on whether I want the elf ears or not, then choose a wig and clothing to suit the face-up selected.

EDIT: She's on order, without the elf ears!

And Then There Were Three

My little Puki Fee Ante arrived yesterday and she's just so sweet. I really love the expression on her face and I am so pleased she was available for immediate despatch. I don't think I could have waited months for another BJD to arrive.

Wasn't quite so happy with the wig though. I'm not sure whether I will keep this as it is, or pull the braids apart and restyle the hair, or just find another wig that suits her. Only time will tell, but whatever happens with her hair, she will remain with me...she has stolen my heart!

Ebony and Ivory

Plum Crazy

I ordered some more Iplehouse clothing for Irene and knowing how prompt Iplehouse are at posting, the parcel should be here early next week.

I could probably have made these myself, but IH quality is quite good and as much as I enjoy sewing, I would rather sew my own designs, not copy someone else's.

This little twin set is really cute and the tulle waisted tights really set off the peplum nicely. Now, as I have only brown boots for Irene, I will need to keep an eye out for just right footwear to complete these outfits.

Waiting for Ante

Isn't this just the most darling little face? I couldn't resist bringing this little one home.

Height : 15.5 cm Weight : 75g Head circumference : 14.0cm Neck circumference : 3.2cm Shoulder width : 3.5cm Chest circumference : 9.0cm Waist circumference : 8.5cm Hip circumference : 9.5cm Leg length (hip to ankle) : 5.3cm Foot size : 2.3cm
Eyes : 10mm Skin colour : normal AU$267.95 no wig
She will come with normal stock makeup and eyes, though I intend to give her carrot red mohair plaits to complement her little freckles and make her a blue outfit with co-ordinating shoes and hat.

Iplehouse Fashion

I received notification last Thursday that my garment order from Iplehouse was on the way and it arrived today. So my sweet Irene will have clothes ready for her when she arrives in June. The pretty skirt, blouse and cardi outfit looked so delightful on Irene in the photo shoot, that it was a must have and I will team it with the brown boots.

 I also bought the little sleeveless shirt and honey coloured jumper knowing full well they are meant to be boy clothes, but teamed up with the right skirt they will look just as lovely on Irene.

Two other parcels arrived at the same time, the first included a little pair of white shoes and the other my steampunk Pullip - Aurora.

Not as happy as I should be with the costume, it's very PLASTIC, so I guess in time she will probably get a new steampunk outfit.
EDIT: She has since been sold.

A Customising Piece

I've been wanting an elf doll for ages, however it had to be one I could customise myself. So this lad with white skin (no makeup, wig or clothes), is on his way and should be here before the girls.

I want to give him much longer hair and style it similar to Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Now begins the search for the right wig that will suit my purpose.

* Height : 44.8cm * Head size : 20cm * Neck size : 7cm * Shoulder width : 9cm * Breast size : 17cm * Waist size : 14.3cm * Hip size : 18cm * Thigh width : 10.9cm * Leg length : 22cm * Foot size : 5.9cm
* Eyes : 16mm
* Skin colour : white
Price incl del


Couldn't resist buying these the other day. I chose the blue one for my Nadia and also bought two pairs of shoes, one  pale blue, the other white.

This little red one should look lovely on my yet to arrive Lolly. Of course I couldn't have Lolly going barefoot so a pretty red shoes with bows was added to the basket too.